Life List

I thought it was time to get my list out of my brain and onto "paper" so I could have some fun crossing them off. Lots of these you can click on to get linked up to websites I have in mind.

1. Surf Safari With Friends Let's get this one off the year!
2. A Sub 7 Hour at Pac Crest Long Course
3. Run a sub 2 Hour half marathon. Update - First official 1/2 marathon in the books @ 2:04:31 at Eugene 2011. I see a sub 2 in my near future!! Update#2 Goal Achieved!! @ Eugene Marathon 2012 with a time of 1:56:47! Almost a full 8 minute PR from 2011. Call me happy!
4. Grand Canyon Family Adventure
5. Belize Snorkeling Trip
6. SUP

7. Finish All 60 Local Hikes In My Hiking Book
8. Become Proficient in Kayaking...let's start in lakes and lazy rivers and then move towards Sea Kayaking. I don't know if white water kayaking is for me, but you never know...
9. Vacation in Greece.
10. Visit Crater Lake.
My Aunt Terri took the BEST Crater Lake Picture!!
11. Spend An Entire Summer in Sunriver With The Kids.
12. Go Horseback Riding on the Beach.
13. Take Steve on a Dude Ranch Vacation.
14. Hot Air Balloon Ride.
15. Spend a long weekend SOLO on vacation laying on the beach reading books all day.
16. Cycle Through Tuscany.
17. Zip Line In Costa Rica.
18. White Water Rafting in The Grand Canyon.
19. Swim in Emerald Lake in Canada (Thanks Dawn!)
20. be continued...