Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The End of Pre-School

Jack's last day of Pre-School was today. it's officially Mai's school now - as she points out to everyone she meets. It was a fun picnic on the lawn at the school this evening with all the parents and siblings. The kids made the shirts they are wearing. They painted a real fish and then used it on their shirt as a stamp.


Grrrrrrrr. Got both kids hauled down to the gym only to be turned away because they were too full - OVER full - in the kid's club and wouldn't be able to get us in any time soon. Was going to just call it a day of rest, but managed to get my butt and one kid back down there later in the afternoon.

Life Fitness Bicep Curl Machine LT: n/a TT: 55/22RP
Stretch ~ 60 seconds

Toe Press on Leg Press LT: n/a TT: 190/7ss

Lying Leg Curls LT: n/a TT: 80/15RP
Stretch ~ 60 seconds

Abductors LT: n/a TT: 140/35RP
Adductors LT: n/a TT: 140/34RP

Back Smith Squats LT: n/a TT: 155/6, 125/17SS
Stretch ~ 90 seconds

Stationary Lunges LT: n/a TT: 15x15x3

Abs: 4 sets of 15

Elliptical 15 minutes

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