Friday, October 26, 2007

His Faith

Michael and my dad helping Parker down the slide during one of our Slip N Slide fun times. His other baby is Kaylie. She just turned two. Here is an excerpt from an update from Michael today. His faith fills my heart with joy and peace. He is trusting in God. He will be fine no matter what the circumstances are.

I am doing great, yesterday was the first real day of Chemo and it went well. My White blood cell count is suppose to be around 10,000 and when I came in it was 187,000 so I was easy to diagnose. During the last 5 days my white count has bounced up and down slightly but with no real progress, after starting the real Chemo last night my white count went down 50,000 and is at 137,000 so that is great news for me.

For the first time in two weeks I do not have a head ache and you know how good that feels. As for the treatment we will stay here for the first round, it is 4-6 weeks and then we will be heading to Eugene in early December if all goes as planned. I want to thank you and Maryanne for the thoughts and prayers and calls, it means a lot. I cannot tell you how much impact it has been, for me, being at peace with what God has in store. I truly can say now that we may not always understand why these things happen but we can still trust completely in His will. I think that we try and make sense of all the things that happen using our knowledge and understanding, but I think that our expectations are not always reasonable. As I have gotten older and have had more experiences I have seen that my expectations on how things should work are seldom accurate and now I find humor in that.

Good Morning to all,
Just wanted to thank all of you for the thoughts and prayers, I am doing well this morning and still am standing on God's promises and the Faith I have been given. I have yet to have a bad day, praise the Lord, he has lifted my spirits up and I thank him for his perfect will in my life. It is such a blessing to have all of you, and a blessing to know that God's will for our family is perfect even when we do not understand all that we go through. I know that God is blessing us all through this trial and all of the other trials we are facing, our faith is made true to us in these times. With out adversity our beliefs and faith are not being proven and to me this has been one of the best opportunities to see how much faith God has given me and I do not want to neglect the power of faith I have received. Please also be praying for my family and me to receive direction for our lives as I know that God has plans for us that we are not certain of. Praise the Lord oh my soul....... Also I have not had pain or sickness yet, God has been better to me than I could have ever imagined. Also all of my organs are working great with no problems, thank you all for the prayers and please don't let up. My family and I are so thankful and blessed with this wonderful family who believe in the Great I AM. Thanks and our love is with you all.

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Melissa H said...

Oh Julie, this brought tears to my eyes. I would probably be crying already if I didn't have two burly strange men installing floors in my house. God IS good all the time. You're right. He will be fine, no matter what the circumstances.