Sunday, April 20, 2008

Living Lahaina

School is in session. Surf school, that is!
We're your instructors. Click our pix for videos,
and check us out on MTV's "Living Lahaina"!

Back from paradise. We arrived on Maui on Wednesday to some VERY rainy and dark weather and although it was warm, we never made it to the beach that first day. I had a surf lesson the next morning and we lazed around until about 9:15 (we had to be in Lahaina at 9:30) when Steve's phone rang. Some angry dude wondering where the H#ll I was. Apparently I had my times wrong. I thought it odd that we got such an angry call but once we got to the "Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy" I realized what was going on. Angry Kimo. If you guys haven't ever had a chance to catch "Living Lahaina" on MTV - you are missing out on following the lives of a bunch of surfer dudes and all their booze slamming, oversleeping, surfing hungover and all that goes along with life as a surf instructor in Hawaii. I happened to catch the show last year and was instantly addicted. So I walk in for my lesson and shake hands with angry Kimo and then Dan takes over and we're off with my new friends Josh(son) and Jeff(dad) for some fun. I had a blast! It was so surreal to walk into that beach hut and realize I was on the set of an MTV reality show.

The rest of the vacation was pretty much laying in the sun, snorkeling, catching waves at Napili and reading. I read FOUR books (and one of them was a 1000 pages long!) on this trip! I was in heaven!

I missed the kids horribly and on Monday we got a call that Ki was hurt at the kennel...torn skin and possible broken foot (she's on antibiotics and pain pills but it's not broken and she'll be fine) but other than that, I felt pretty relaxed the whole time. Back to training...paradise has got be found at home for now ~
Friday I did a 25 mile ride. Yesterday was supposed to be a 13 mile run. The first 5 miles my legs felt like lead. I had finished a loop and needed a restroom so I stopped by home and re lubed my legs, slammed a gel, grabbed my iPod and headed back out IN THE SNOW that started to come down (it's almost MAY!). The second 5 miles went great - legs were warmed up and the music helped. I was almost at about 9.5 miles and feeling like I could go all day when I felt a sharp twinge in my right heel. It went away but at about 10 miles my right knee felt stressed and about 5 steps later I got a horrible pain in my right outer foot and I had to immediately stop running. I hobbled home and haven't been able to walk right on it since then. I've been icing it in the hopes that I'm still going to be able to do my 55 mile rebel ride out at Hagg Lake today. I ABSOLUTLEY NEED to get this ride in this weekend. I think the pressure might be different on the bike, so I'm praying for success.


Anonymous said...


So, does this mean you're a movie star now?

You were living my day I'm going to make it there! Sounds like paradise to me!

so what is up with your foot? Stress fracture perhaps??? Hope not...

good luck with your training and I hope Ki feels better soon too!!!!


Anonymous said...

I meant to that you in the top right!!!


Julie said...

Helen Helen my friend :o)

It WAS paradise!
I wasn't actually at the surf school when the cameras were rolling but it was entertaining none the less.

Yes - that IS me in the upper right. I had a blast and I'm totally planning a girls surf vacation SOON!

Ki is doing great. I'll start walking her again tomorrow and hopefully she'll be up for a short run by next weekend - hopefully I will be, too. Still can't stand on my foot :-( Looks like I may be getting in more swimming than running this week and that's not such a bad thing. If it still hurts tomorrow I guess I'll have it checked out :(

Anonymous said...

you have the most INSANELY lucky life in the world. I love and hate you simotaneously (which I cant spell). :)