Monday, June 23, 2008

Five More Sleeps

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! How awesome is that?! My dad and brother climbed Mt. Shasta this weekend. Dad is THE MAN - he's also doing the 1/2 Iron Duathlon with me in Sunriver this weekend - 58 mile bike/13 mile run - everything but the swim. I can't believe he's doing this climb and the duathlon on back to back weekends.

So 5 more sleeps until race day. I can't believe it is actually here. We had our last group training this weekend - an 8 mile race pace run on the waterfront and then a 33 mile ride yesterday. It was actually warm and humid for us on Saturday - one of our very very few workouts that resembled anything like we'll face at Sunriver. This is probably one of my biggest concerns about the race - just how will the weather effect me after all this cool weather training?

Yesterday's ride was cool and flat and easy - a ride out to Sauvie Island for one loop and then back home. We had a great ride until about mile 31 where Sheryl got caught up in one of the many sets of railroad tracks in that area. She took a bad fall. Her entire left side was all cut up and bleeding from shoulder to ankle. Thank goodness she was wearing gloves because they took a good beating and I wouldn't want to see what her hand would have looked like without them. She also hit her head pretty good. I can't believe this happened a week before the race. She's going to be so stiff and I can't imagine pulling a wetsuit on over all those injuries. She's tough, though, so I know it won't stop her.

Everyone is getting really excited about meeting up in Sunriver. Some people are already there and the whole gang will be there by Thursday. It will be 100 teammates and coaches and all the support we bring with us - Watch out Sunriver - Purple and Green are arriving! We have a busy schedule Thursday and Friday - a couple of group swims at Lake Wickiup which I've heard has warmed up quite a bit so I think I'm not going to worry about getting a neoprene cap. We have a group ride, a group pasta party and we're all going to watch our future triathletes at the Splash and Dash (Jack and Mai are both doing this). The olympic team will cheer us on Saturday and the 1/2ers will cheer them on Sunday and then there's a big team afterparty Sunday night - which should be a blast hearing everyone's race reports while we let loose a bit (or a lot).

We had our Send off Party after our Group Swim at Klineline on Thurday but we had to leave early when Mai fell at the park and hurt her arm. We were at the ER until midnight, but thank God it wasn't a broken arm - it was a dislocated elbow that once fixed felt immediately better.

We had our Send Off Dessert at Couloir's last night - just our little mentor group and not everyone could make it so it was nice and small with the addition of one very talky 3 year old (In the car on the way there, Mai told me "mama, I love you so much and I love that you take me to parties with you" awwwww- what a sweetie). We decorated our singlets with the names of all the people we are racing for and then had a flat tire changing clinic. I FINALLY figured out the exact recipe for my fat tires to get them up to the perfect pumpituity - one 16g C02 cartridge and one 12g. Seems like someone at one of the three bike shops I proposed this question to would have been able to help me, but not. Oh well, now I'm a pro at it.

Our team has raised the most ever out of any other Oregon TNT team ~ drum roll.....over $317,000!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately I still haven't made my goal, but I have another couple of weeks to keep trying... So this number can definitely go up!

Well, only three sleeps until we head out, so this will probably be my last post until after the race! Expect a race report on July 7th :o)

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