Tuesday, July 22, 2008

S'mores for Breakfast...

...and bacon and brownies and oreos. O.h. M.y.
I took the kids camping for four days. I met up with Mom and Dad at their favorite camping spot - Tyee. The river is great there because there is lots of area for the kids to play on the rocks and in the water without getting swept away by the current. We also found a great swimming hole across the river from our campsite - they loaded the kids up on their catarafts and I swam across. I can see why so many people have trouble every Summer when swimming in rivers. The current is always much more powerful than it appears. We had a great time after the first 24 hours. Jack has had the anovirus since Sunriver and when I took him to the doctor Thursday she thought he was at the end of it and should be feeling better - so I loaded him up in the car and took off - he threw up two times on the way down and then just puked up bile over and over again until Friday night. It was rough - but by Saturday (his 6th birthday!!) he was over it and we had a marvelous time.

It's so fun to see the kids playing with, say...sticks and stones instead of the Wii or Xbox. Their fishing differences show their true colors. Mai likes to play with worms - Jack can't even look at 'em. Mai will stand on the bank, cast, and wait to reel one in - Jack prefers his Grammy or Grampy to do all the work of getting the fish on the line and then likes to be called over to reel it in. Mai will touch a fish and watch it cleaned and then eat it, but Jack likes to have someone throw them back in the water so he doesn't have to ever see them again, let alone eat them - ick.

On Sunday, Mai caught 6 bass in about a 20 or 30 minute time frame! We ended up just keeping one of Grampy's though and cooking it up for dinner. Mom said the fish tummy felt crunchy so Mai wanted to see what was inside - a WHOLE crawdad! Don't you think that would feel weird to have a whole live crawdad doing a dance in your tummy before it finally got around to dying? I'm with Jack - ick!

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Melissa H said...

Your fish tales remind me of when my brother & I used to go fishing with my dad. I was like Mai and my brother was like Jack. Maybe it is a boy/girl patient/impatient thing?

I love hearing about your vacations (and live vicariously through them). :-)