Sunday, August 24, 2008

hungover run and hike with the kids

So before all my cooking and freezing yesterday, Mai and were driving home from grocery shopping and she had been playing a game on my phone while in the shopping cart. We have this little tradition of singing Madonna's Holiday at the top of our lungs first thing when we get in the car (every time we get in the car). We don't just sing, we clap, snap, and throw our hands around in the air like we're at a gospel church. So we're doing our thing and she hands me the phone back and I realize I'm on the line with my insurance agent...and have been for some time. Hm...hope he doesn't have caller ID.

Then after the cooking and freezing, Jack and I headed to church (Dad stayed home with Mai who was still running a temp in the 100s) and with only 3 or so hours of sleep under my belt, I actually fell asleep during the closing prayer when Pastor Kip asked us to close our eyes.

Because I guess I wasn't sleepy enough, I had some wine before bed and boy did I pay big this morning on my interval run. SUCKEDY SUCKEDY SUCK SUCK SUCK! After finishing the run and sucking down an omelette, I started nursing my hangover I realized that I still needed to take Ki out for a trail run or hike to honor part of an 84 day challenge I'm doing with some friends over at Mommies. Yikes! So in my hazy stupor, I thought it would be a good idea to get the kids out for some fresh air with us. We ended up at Powell Butte Nature Park and had a great (if dehydrated- at least mama) time. We all sucked our camelbak's dry.

The kids demanded they eat their snacks in the gulch. Take them to a nature preserve and they want to hang out in the concrete gully. Kids...

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