Sunday, September 14, 2008

Falls and Friends

The kids and I couldn't let such a glorious day go to waste so we headed out to hike some falls this morning. I felt so guilty leaving Ki behind, but there was no way I could keep all three of them from sliding off this steep trail. The kids were so good ~ we hiked in about an hour (lots of uphill) and ate lunch at a nice spot and then even with the downhills it was about an hour back due to tired kids :o)
I love that they are such good friends right now! I think that the 24 month age difference and having the older boy/younger girl is perfect - I hope they stay this close!! Please, God!

I've decided to do Hagg Lake again this year so it gives me something to keep my mind on fitness wise. Lots more trail runs with Ki to follow in my near future...


Well Behaved Krissy said...

so cute! PS. LOOOOVE 3 is a magic number!

Anonymous said...

they are adorable!!!!