Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Vision Board Will Probably...

My Vision Board will Probably mean wallpapering my entire office walls with pictures because I HAVE TOO FRICKIN' MANY GOALS!! Visiting Greece will be one of them :O)

I watched Jack Canfield's Success Principles DVD yesterday and it's great - check it out from your local library. My husband even got interested in it. I'm hoping he will read the book with me. Who better to share all these dreams with than my husband, right? That will be on my dream board, too...that we have some mutual dreams to work towards. Somehow the two of us need to combine our vision for our future together - even if many goals are different, we must merge them together somehow. Marriage, right?! It's kind of a together thing, I think. Yep, it is.


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Vanessa said...

You can achieve greatness in anything by specifically determining what it is you want to be great at. People create success through having clarity of their desired outcome. Astronauts would have never gotten to the moon if they didn't have any idea of what the destination looked like. The key is setting a desired outcome before you even start trying to accomplish the goal.

You can use a tool like a vision board, a collage of images that symbolize your goals, to help create clarity around your goals. You must then study this vision board twice a day for 30-60 days. When studying, you must visualize the 360 view of this goal, how it would feel to accomplish it, who would be influenced by you accomplishing it, what it would look like, what it would smell like, etc.

By doing this, you are ingraining this beautiful image of your desired outcome into your non-conscious mind, which is where your habits are formed (not in your conscious mind). You will begin to draw closer to your outcome because you will create habits that support a route to reach this goal.

I have actually been using John Assaraf's The Complete Vision Board Kit to make sure I'm on the right track! You can download a free chapter here: