Saturday, November 29, 2008

Revolutionary War Day

Ki and I just got back from about an hour and a quarter up at Powell Butte. We tried a new PB trail today - Elderberry. I liked it. I've put together a couple of trails that I think will do me good for the mud run training so you'll probably hear a lot more weekend runs being done there - mostly 'cause it's close to home. Only one pic today - my camera went dead right as I was trying to get a pic of two deer that crossed about 10 feet in front of us.

I'm feeling really glad that the last couple of months is over and optimistic about the upcoming months. It's time to get back in the groove in anticipation of those sidebar countdowns, so expect to see a little more athletic info in my posts. I'm also thinking about doing some vlogging come new year - maybe some fun stuff about triathlons. I think if more people would just give them a try, they would be HOOKED on the fun!! Think along the lines of a vlog on how to put on a wetsuit (should be funny) and maybe a flat tire clinic, some swimming video. Husband says we should hook a camera up to my bike Anyways, I'm tossing some ideas around.

Well, time to get cleaned up and get over to my in-laws for the Civil War game at 4:00. Our Oregon Ducks vs the Oregon State "dirty Beavers" (as our family likes to call them ;o)

One of my nieces spent the night last night and she was so funny. She was all excited talking about the upcoming "revolutionary war" game between the ducks and beavers...So I've renamed today Revolutionary War Day!

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