Saturday, December 20, 2008

s'more snow

We're on our 7th day of snow!!! I love snow so much!! We got some, lost some, got some more, lost some more, got about an inch overnight and about another three since waking. They're predicting 6" for us today. There was only one day mid week where we weren't able to sled and school was out all week with snow days which makes us with a VERY long Christmas break. I am positive I will be ready to get these kiddos back in school by January!!!!

I'm working on goals today so will hopefully be able to put some up tonight if my butt ever defrosts - right now I need to just get myself to a heating pad while I contemplate 2008 and 2009.


Jessica said...


You have such a great attitude! :) I love snow too and you can see from your kids faces they ADORE the snow! :)

I miss snow so much! I always crack up that one part of my body can be hot and my butt is always cold.


Kelly Olexa said...


Hi Sweets!!


Julie said...

Jessica - they're going to love today even more because there is a very slick coat of ice on our 7" of snow - THAT'S going to be some slick sliding!

Hi Kelly:O)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

oh boo hiss.. I WANT SNOW.

Julie said...

Hi Kris ~ Well, at this point I wouldn't mind sending some your way ~ we've got plenty. Today was just plain nasty trying to sled - we've got so much beautiful snow under this sheet of ice, but the broken ice bites into you as you go down the hill. It's nice if you like getting knifed in the side every 1/2 second or so. On the bright side, we have a new inch and more to come tonight, so hopefully that will diminish the pain tomorrow - looks like it's sticking around for Christmas!! HOORAY!