Monday, December 8, 2008

Sock Its

Ki almost got a long run two days in a row, but at the last minute Mai decided on this most rainy and dark cloudy Sunday that she wanted to go with us, so we hiked 4 miles at Powell Butte. Mai was a trooper! She didn't complain about keeping up with the pace or the rain or anything. It helped that the last mile I let her hop in every single mud puddle she wanted since I figured by the time she realized her toes were completely frozen we would be back at the truck with the heater blasting.

Well, we had the Christmas tree up for almost a full 24 hours before 2 crazy kids using the couch as a trampoline tumbled into my masterpiece ;o)

The kids are so funny ~ for some reason they can't remember what the stockings are called and they keep checking their "sock its" each morning for presents from the Elves. It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! I love December!


Kelly Olexa said...

December is my favorite time of the year too!! Love it!!

Jessica said...

This is so awesome. You have such a great family. You are giving me so much hope! :)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

This girl is tough as nails. Like her mama!

Anna with Revolution said...


To answer your question, I thought it was pretty involved. Its a good bit of material and if you want to know your stuff, you will want to know all of it. I was terrified to fail and I wanted to be really knowledgeable so I thought it was hard. Thinking NASM?

Julie said...

Thanks, Anna!!!! That helps. We have unintentionally downsized the business so this seems like the opportune time. Yes, I'm thinking NASM on your advice. Did you do the IFPT first or buy a package with that and the CPT? Did you do any live workshops?

Anna with Revolution said...

Is IFPT Foundations? If so, I bought the package with Foundations and the CPT.

Very Cool Julie. It's been a steep learning curve, can't wait to get in teh nitty gritty with you once you are up and running. Ihave lots os systems, marketing systems, forms, waivers, all kinds of stuff I can pass on. That's alot later I know but hopefully you will recall me saying that!