Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mai Loves Her Some "Frogie"

Mai's ears have apparently grown, as they are big enough for my earbuds now. You will find her most days dancing around the house singing at the top of her lungs with my iPod. Her favorite right now is Fergie (or "Frogie" as she calls her). If you've never heard me sing, I can assure you, she gets her voice from me :P

Yesterday I took a 4 mile run around the neighborhood but left Ki at home and felt guilty for that, so today I took her up to Leif Erickson for an 8 miler. The trail was very clear of snow except in several parts - especially right before the 4 mile marker, but there were still remnants on the side of the trail which made it pretty. Some spots were pretty slick and it was nice to hear the crunch of ice/snow under my feet in the areas that haven't seen much sun. Only about 3 or 4 fallen trees on the path but room has been made to go around them.

I ran into a Team In Training teammate on my way up. She said she's training with TNT again this year and I've heard from several others so it looks like there will be lots of friendly faces this year. I'm very nervous, much more so than last year, of being able to raise $4000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but I'm forging ahead in expectation of some generous donors. I think this is going to have to be my year to come up with a big fund raising idea vs just donations, so if anyone has experience in this area, I am open to suggestions. I don't think I "know" enough people to pull off a silent auction or something like that. I do have a few ideas that the kids and I can work on together, as simple as doing bottle/can drives and also seeing if I can set a table up at the gym and I've heard Walmart will match donations up to a point if you set up a tent outside their doors.

Well, off to see if there's any hot water for me - I'm freezing cold - only 32 degrees for our run today and I need a nice hot one!


Melissa H said...

I can't believe that I have to start thinking about training for a marathon in a few months! GASP! I need to find a TNT group around here. Thanks for the reminder.
re: fundraising. Talk to Paula about what she did for her FIL's bike race.

Kelly Olexa said...


Hey Rockstar!!

Krissa said...

Ya know, you should put up some kind of paypal link to take up dontations on here as well. I am sure there would be some generous givers on here. I think it is a fantastic cause. I got a TNT packet in the mail last week. I strongly considered training for a 1/2 marathon (Kentucky Derby Marathon) but I am like you...I worry about donations. I have never done anything like that but I think it would feel amazing. It wouldnt be all about me and my chub but rather about doing something big for other people.

I LOVE those quotes down below btw. How funny.

Julie said...

Melissa ~ Are you for sure going to train with TNT?? Very cool! Great idea on contacting Paula, I'll do that and pick her brain for new ideas.

Hi Kelly!

Krissa, It's a cause very close to my heart~ my Mom and Cousin Michael were both diagnosed with blood cancers (in 2005 and 2007) and are in remission! I've done a marathon and a 1/2 IM with Team in Training in support of this cause that is so close to my family. Sadly, in 2008, Michael lost his uncle Rick to Myeloma (what my mom has) and so it just makes it even that much more important to me to keep fund raising.

You should really think about training with TNT - you make the BEST friends!

When I'm officially signed up, I'll get a fundraising website through TNT and I'll definitely post the link up here on my blog.

Visionquester said...

I got something for you. In 2001 I went the Autism Treatment Center of America and this is what they provided me with to raise money for the tuition and trip. I am sure you will find very good ideas for your cause as well. It is a 56 page fundraising guide.


Julie said...

Thanks Cynthia,
I'm looking at it now :O)