Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PDL Catch Up

I swear the days are getting away from me!! Are you all loving PDL? I figured I would do a quick post before I do some work here at my desk before it's the weekend again already!

First, I'm LOVING this book and it's impact on my life circumstances right now and how I am handling them. I may not be handling them all that well, but I'm able to put my trust in God more and more and I feel like I am finally growing up. AND A HUGE PLUS was my womens group at church started our new bible study yesterday. Another Beth Moore - her newest - on Queen Esther, above. I am overflippin'joyed about this study. We have something like 60 people in our study - it just keeps growing and growing!

PDL DAY 10 QTC: What area of my life am I holding back from God? So many things, but Definitely my prayer life. I have simply not been praying and worshiping. I have been studying, studying, studying...but that is not the same.

PDL DAY 11 QTC: What can I do to remind myself to think about God and talk to him more often throughout the day? I have been working on this one for sure this week with breath prayers. "I surrender to you, Lord" has been a mainstay this week. Also just the powerful and simple "I love you". Sometimes all I need to do is STOP and take a deep breath and tell him I love Him and all is alright with the world again. It all become clear what is important and what is small. Kind of like Abby's song about looking at Christ's face and all that is of earth becomes so plain and dim in the light of his glory and grace.

In Day 11 a couple of sentences in particular stood out to me: The key to friendship with God is not changing what you do, but changing your attitude toward what you do. What you normally do for youself you begin doing for God, whether it is eating, bathing, working, relaxing, or taking out the trash.
I have to say that I've tried this a couple of times this week. I figured if Pastor Warren says I should take a bath for God, then by God...I'll do just that ;o)
Seriously, though, I stood in the shower and I thought I need to rush right on out of here and get those kids out of bed and ready for school, but instead I let the water pour over my head and felt that amazing soft water cascading over my head and I thanked God that I get to take a hot shower in my own home - that I can afford to heat my water, that I get to be clean - a whole new appreciation for how much I take for granted in my world.

Also in Day 11 "...Just be sure that your motive is to honor God, not control him." This is so hard for me to get a grip on. I want to honor Him, but so often when I get to the root of it, I'm still trying to make out for myself.

PDL Day 12 QTC: What practical choices will I make today in order to grow closer to God?
Continue to learn about His Word. Continue to have the hunger for these studies. Continue to be involved with my womanly community.

PDL DAY 13 QTC: Which is more pleasing to God right now - my public worship or my private worship? What will I do about this?
I think both are lacking and as I said above, my private worship is already on my mind. I need to think more about this one.


Anna with Revolution said...

I am having to use all my devotion time and then am not leaving time to discuss or share or read what you are sharing and I am sad about that! This time of year I live by half hour increments. Its a bit rigid. I am about to read up on another commitment and thenif ellen is still asleep I am back here to share!!

I did skim the laundry thing you do. I remember when you discovered that!

So cool.

And an aside, I just feel compelled to tell you this:

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll use this thread to play catch up!
Chapter 5 - What tests? For me it was waiting 6 years for my son Blair. Talk about a test of faith. I was sure I was being punished and went thru a variety of emotions EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Anger and Resentment being top on the list. The greatest matters I have been entrusted with would be my children.
Chapter 6 - Temp. Assignment - how should it change the way I live now? STOP putting importance on things that just don't matter. I need to work on relationships, learing, healing, growing, being and living...worrying about certain things puts a halt on EVERYTHING.
Chapter 7 - Where can I become more aware in my daily living? EVERYWHERE. There are some definite times during the day that I can shift my consciousness (the drive to and from work and my runs are a great place to start)
Chapter 8 - The common task for me to do as though I was doing it for Jesus - easy answer. My work. There are so many days when I just don't care, my attention wanders and I do the minimal...
Chapter 9 - I struggled here. Maybe it's that there are too many areas to trust more, but I really did not know how to answer this.
Chapter 10 - Where am I holding back? I'd say confusion is still my biggest issue. Confusion and fear probably...but more of a fear of what other people think or say, and being challenged.
Chapter 11 - Excellent daily reminder for me is going to be my meals. HAHAHA, there are enough of them, who needs to set an alarm!!!
Chapter 12 - Practical choices to grow closer - for me to do that and also come to grips with Chapter 9 & 10 is to gain knowledge. This will give me a comfort level which will directly impact my trust level.
Chapter 13 - Which is more pleasing. I'd say both. He is interested in EVERYTHING I do. I am more private than public. On that note, just found out that our Pastor is leaving. This makes me so sad...I am fearful of his replacement as Terry is AMAZING and has an incredible gift. This is definitley something for me to pray about and have trust. I don't want to stop attending church, and to be honest, I don't know if I would be able to keep going if I wasn't enjoying it.

Julie said...

Helen - crazy weekend, crazy morning today, but thank you for all your responses :O)
I'll come back tonight to respond!!

Anna - I totally understand the craziness. It's great just knowing that you are reading along even if you don't have time to respond...
although I would love to hear your input!!!!

Later guys!

Julie said...

Helen ~
RE: Day 6 - I feel the same way. It is the relationships that matter, that need our highest attention. I'm so bad at it (an example would be me taking this much time to get back to you in response to this comment :-(

RE: Day 7 - there is a book called God Is Closer Than You Think (This can be the greatest moment of your life because this moment is the place where you can meet God) by John Ortberg that I really enjoyed.

RE: Day 9 - I think you are right - there are just SO many areas I need to trust him in. I would say my work and my marriage would be my top two.

RE: Day 10 - Do you want to go further here? What confusion and fears? What type of situation can you foresee where you would be challenged? Do you mean you wouldn't be sure how to respond?

RE: Day 13 - I am so sorry your pastor is leaving. I know that it would feel so weird to hear Pastor Kip was leaving, but just in the last month we've had so many guest speakers/pastors that it made me realize that there are many wonderful preachers out there. I just know it will all work out for you so you will continue to be able to go and learn and enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, catch up time again! Chapter 10 - what part am I holding back. this is really hard to say for me, as much as I am craving knowledge, and craving a relationship with God it is not something I discuss openly. I would not feel confident if challenged on ANY aspect of religion. I can say how it makes me feel, but there are some things that make me feel uncomfortable. I do not feel I have the knowledge base...does that make sense? That's where the lack of confidence comes from for sure. There are people in my life that would challenge me...first people to come to mind are my ex-SIL and BIL. When I mentioned to my SIL years ago that we were regularly attending church her first concern was that I would drop her out of my life becuase she is a non-believer (that is how she was brought up in her "discommunicate" even if they are family). Since that time, I have NEVER brought religion up when they are around...but every time THEY do. I just cannot go there - they were both brought up a certain way, I was not and I'm an still "feeling my way around".

Julie said...

I feel the same way about not having the knowledge base, but as the years go by and I continue to read and especially do bible studies, I find myself now occasionally actually knowing where to go in the bible to retrieve information on something new I'm doing. It's a cool feeling to KNOW, "hey, I remember something about that back in the book of Job" or something like that. So just keep reading and learning.

I am still so amazed by people like Kristin who just seem to "get it" and know where to look in the bible and people like Beth Moore who can make the bible come alive like an incredible novel or hit movie.

I haven't had much experience talking to unbelievers. I'm constantly amazed by how many Christians ARE out there!!
But Steve is my practice person, and I am sad to say I don't do very well with him. I don't have the answers to his questions and it makes me feel like a bumbling fool.

It is so hard to explain to an unbeliever how I just FEEL GOD. That this feeling of the Holy Spirit inside me is enough for me to believe. How do you explain to someone that feeling??

As far as your relatives, maybe they are really interested in seeing how you respond to them when they keep bringing it up. Maybe they are really searching for God and just waiting for you to prove that Christianity does suck OR maybe they are just waiting to see His love shine through you.

Thinking of you today!!