Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day with Family

Got a last minute Memorial Day call from MIL, Gloria that we were going to meet out at Steve's older sister's new house in the country and head out for some wine tasting. So we headed out to Dan and Caroline's and dropped the kids off with Cousin Carley and her bestest goat Ernie. Then we headed to St. Josef's Winery where we must have tried about 12 different wines! I almost bought a bottle of their 2006 Pinot Noir but decided to save my money for the next stop. St. Josef's said they were kid friendly but I kept seeing signs like this:

Although I'm not sure how the kids will fare, we've made plans to attend some concerts by the li'l pond this summer. We then headed to Alexeli Winery and the very gorgeous brother/owner, Philip, poured us 4 wines that I rarely/never drink: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, a semi-sparkling Chardonnay and Sangiovese Port style (with chocolate....mmmmm, just like dessert!)
I actually really like the Riesling (which I normally don't - it wasn't too sweet) and so I bought a bottle. Below is how MIL looked to me after the wine tasting ;o)

Then we got back to the house to find Mai spending most of her time doing what all girls love to do: SWING THEIR LITTLE HEARTS OUT!

The men drank beer and tended to the goats:

Mai helped:

Ernie tried to eat the game:

Jack fed Fred:

After we stuffed ourselves, the girls made S'mores and the boys just played with fire and then we called it a day :-)


Melissa H said...

Looks like a fabulous Memorial Day! I laughed at your MIL pic. That's about how I was when BWI. ;-)

I love the first swinging pic of Mai. She is such a beauty!

Julie said...

Thanks, Melissa! I know I'm her mom but I HAVE to say she's even cuter in person :o)