Friday, May 29, 2009

Now That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout

Had an awesome open water swim finally!! The first swim - blech. The second swim, still not so much awesomeness - We did three loops on Tuesday and before the end of each one I had to flip over on my back and gather myself. Last night, though - I was back in my groove! We did 4 loops at Vancouver Lake and it was a gorgeous night. The water was warm, no choppiness in sight and I got in a good sync with 3 teammates and it just felt perfect. I'm baaaaaaack - and it feels so good!! Just in time for our first tri on Saturday :o)

I also decided to see if my knee could handle a run yesterday. I waited until it hit 90 before heading out - I need to get in as much hot weather training as I can. Although I love Summer and wouldn't mind if it was 90 every day, I am not such a hot weather worker outer- it sucks the life right out of me, which was proven at Pac Crest last year. So I headed out in the heat and although it sucked, my knee felt pretty good and I was able to finish 4 miles before deciding not to push my knee. I'll run 5 today in the heat again and then we have our Mock Tri tomorrow. It's not a race, just something the Portland Tri Club puts together each year. It will be a sprint length swim and then a little longer than olympic length bike/and a 6 mile run. I checked my time last year and it was as follows:

(all times approximate - just keeping an eye on my watch)
800m (.5 mile) swim ~ 18 min
T1 ~ 3 min
27.20 mile bike ~ 1:42:47
T2 ~ 3 min
6.2 mile run ~ 1:06:00

So that is the time to beat: 3:20:00


rockstarmom said...

My two favorite Julieisms from this post:
"Not so much awesomeness" and "hot weather worker outer"...LOL

Keep rocking it girl!! xoxoxoxo

Anna with Revolution said...

Girl, you got this! I have to be rescued every time I open water. So compare your goal to mine.

Julies goal: "awesomeness"


Keep it up girl, you are DA BOMB