Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Neighbors Honor Dave The Cat

I woke this morning to find a card on my front porch from our neighbors down the road. I've actually been surprised at how many people sent sympathy cards and understand the pain of losing a pet. I think cats don't get the credit they deserve for being loyal partners in life, although after receiving this particular card, I'm starting to wonder how loyal he actually was ;o)
The card reads:

Dear Neighbors:
We miss your cat 'Tude (short for C'attitude). 'Tude got his name early in our relationship. We would find him sprawled in the middle of our walkway and when he was asked (politely) to move, he would hiss and make as if to swipe at us, giving us cat "attitude".

We soon figured out he was really just a sweet mooch. Clearly 'Tude believed in the philosphy of "su casa es mi casa". On many occasions we found him wandering inside our home or helping himself to our cats' food, completely comfortable - almost being an extra kid in our cat family.

Our days usually started seeing him at the front door as we went to get the paper, and we still find ourselves looking for him. We miss him as you must, too.

A donation in his memory has been made to the Feral Cat Coalition, which relieves the suffering of feral cats through it's spay and neuter programs.

R & C


Krissa said...

That is so cool. You have great neighbors. I never really understood the relationship between pets and their owners but now that I have cooper, I understand 100%. He is my little buddy. I feel guilty when I am not home. I buy him new toys weekly. (okay, like 3 x a week :) I spend more time deciding which flavor of dog food to buy because he might be bored with the steak flavor. I look forward to seeing him when I get home. I think he is THE BEST dog ever and no other dog can measure up. I get it now.

QuilLight said...

Here's a story of our "neighborhood" dog:

When I was growing up, our family had a black lab named Pepper. One day a neighbor dropped by to ask us if she had had dinner yet. My mom was so confused. We didn't know this neighbor that lived a couple of streets away, and why did they want to know about Pepper's dinner? Well, Pepper was hanging out in their garage again and they were about to close it for the night. They were asking about her dinner so that she didn't go hungry. That dog would jump our tall wall and sit in front of the gate or on the porch as if to say, "I choose to live here. You have no say in it." She was such a funny dog.


Melissa H said...

I read this on my iPhone on the day that you posted it and it wouldn't let me comment. Just wanted to come back and say what an absolutely cool way that is to be able to remember Dave: he had C'Attitude and everyone loved him for it. Hope I'm remembered that way. ;-)