Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kiara Tackles the Trails #16 Clackamas River Trail

I can't wait anymore. I must hike. I must run. I must move. Pain be damned. Even too much wine last night and the threat of torrential rains could not dampen my enthusiasm for today's plan of hiking the Clackamas River Trail. Ki and I, both limping just to get into the truck, but in high spirits, traveled the highway that was resplendent with fall colors that combine orange and purple in a way that takes your breath away. We missed a phone call warning us of thunder and major showers and so started our trek into the mossy woods completely unaware of what was heading our way and happy to be moving along.

The trail does not let us down. It is so beautiful and peaceful. Almost too peaceful. I love a good dose of solitude but we did not see a single soul there. The whole time. Absolute privacy. After some nice wooded trail we traveled down to the river for Ki to quench her thirst. It was such a different feeling being down in the open with the fall leaves surrounding us. Not as scary.

Back into the forest we come upon a creek. I've left my map of this trail in the truck, but this has to be Pup Creek that we were headed to. Seems too early to be there, but we must be stronger, faster, incredible day hikers because we have arrived! Our plan was to head up a 200 yd side trail to see Pup Falls before turning back around. Although there was absolutely no trail, I was convinced that I could forge through the foliage and make my own trail. Welcome to the Jungle. There is NOW a trail 200yds up that hill. Unfortunately, there were no falls to see. As we returned to the real trail and headed back to where we came from, I saw the sign: "Cat Creek". Whoops. Pup Creek has yet to be reached. It will have to wait for another day as our limps have increased.

I know we have about 50 minutes before we reach the car and I'm feeling rather spooked. For the last 45 seconds or so we have been tracked by a wild animal. I can hear it. I can feel it. My heart races. We turn a corner...and... it's a waterfall. I teeny tiny waterfall ready to pounce on us. Lordy.
It was even worse than the time last Fall when Jason from Friday the 13th almost sawed us to death out at the Banks-Vernonia trail.

Surprisingly (or not), yet another little waterfall caught me off guard only minutes later and I almost fell down the hill.

Be still, my beating heart. I love trails.

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Melissa H said...

Before I even started reading the post, I was thinking that I don't know how you brave those trails alone, even with Ki! THEN, I read your freaky post! LOL

Girl, I love you. Don't die, K? :-)