Sunday, November 22, 2009

Adventure is Out There

Mai tortures her brother constantly. He is in a stage right now where she is the really buggy sister and he wants NONE of her. This is her most recent effort to drive him over the edge. A loving card from she to he...

I am going to kiss you.
I mean it!
Love Mai

So, this was a pretty good weekend ~Yesterday I got to sleep in until 9am!!! Ki and I hit Triple Falls for an almost 3 hour hike, the DUCKS ROCKED in double overtime and I finally got to get back in the pool today. The reason for this was that my stitches came out. Now...I'm not sure yet just exactly how much this mole removal set me back, but I'm pretty sure it was enough to cover the doctor removing my stitches, but instead I was sent home with a kit to do it myself. I don't consider myself to be squeamish at all really, so I had no concerns about the suture removal. In fact, I told Mai that she could do it if she wanted. She decided she didn't want to do the cutting, just the pulling out of the thread. I sat down and started digging around trying to hook the dang threads and the final one would just NOT COME OUT to play. All of a sudden I felt myself get cold sweats and felt the nausea rising up and thought I might just pass out. Ran to the bathroom saying I was going to throw up with Mai on my heels saying she wanted to watch me throw up with Steve on her heels telling her to leave poor Mama alone. So after I pulled it together, we finally got the last one out and I have to say, it's not pretty. I'm having a tough time imagining that this isn't going to leave quite a bit more of a scar than doc said. Still awaiting results.

We spent a lazy afternoon watching my favorite kids movie of the year ~ Up. A must see. Remember...


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