Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't look if you don't like ugly...

I woke up at 2am with leg pain and a snoring husband and swollen neck glands. After an hour and a half of trying to fall back asleep with The Noisy Nose Locomotion next to me, I finally convinced myself that the skin cancer was growing deep towards my bones and had invaded my entire body. The swollen glands could only mean lymphoma. Eventually, I fell back into a deep sleep only to wake up to a bad sore throat, but in better spirits than nighttime thoughts can sometimes bring. I was excited that after dropping the kids off at school I would only have the chore of grocery shopping and then I could cuddle up in bed with New Moon and/or take a nap. Unfortunately, while exiting the produce department with some of the  yummiest looking fresh foods I've seen in quite some time, my phone rang - Steve calling to say to get home ASAP because Ki needed to get into the doctor toot sweet.

I left my most needed crisp fruits and veggies in the cart in Aisle 1 and raced home to get Ki into the vet. We originally thought she ate something that didn't agree with her...we knew she ate ChiChi's face this morning (one of Mai's stuffed "aminals") but we've also had a ton of balloons around the house and we thought maybe she was having some type of intestinal strangulation. It ended up being her neck. Most likely whatever has been causing her to have shoulder pain for 3 months now. She's on strict bed rest for two weeks (??????????how the am I going to keep her down for two weeks???????)

Ok, so on to my sickly scar. The kids wanted to be there when I removed the bandage that's been on since I left the doctor's on Wednesday, so after school we were presented with this. Rad.


LizN said...

Ouch Julie ,, looks painful - happy healing!

Krissa said...

Yikes, it does look painful but its in a spot that should heal well. I am not really familiar with skin cancers but it seems like they are usually in more visible places, like face/ears/neck/hands...did they seem surprised that it was skin cancer on your...almost knee?

Thank God for doctors, technology, and science that allows us to remove such things.

I am with you...I would NEVER be able to keep Cooper on "strict bed rest." Kinda makes me laugh. I guess I could not let him play outside but other than that, I cannot control what he does in the house and I could never pin him up that long. Hope Ki is okay.

Julie said...

Thanks Liz :o)

Krissa - the doctor WAS very surprised it turned out to be cancer - she didn't think it would be because of the location. I was pretty sure it was because of how fast it grew. She seems to think that it won't heal that great there. She said legs and backs are the worst for these scars. Apparently especially here because it's pulled so much with walking/biking/running/etc.

I'm trying to picture Cooper being calm -
It's not working :o)