Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finally.... A Snow Day

The weatherman predicted rain with a little snow mixed in. We started getting a light sprinkle of snow in the afternoon so we took the snow dog for a walk. Mai insisted on being dressed UP for the occasion in her princess dress and Easter purse.

What do you do when it's starting to get dark and you've finally got a ton of accumulation?
Why, night sledding, of course!
Jack broke out his Christmas night vision goggles and away we went!

Kiara wanted to sled, too.

Great fun. Unfortunately, the city wasn't prepared. It was a MESS around Portland I tell ya! But we were snug at home. cocoa...snow...warm bath...snow...two tired kids that slept like logs.


Anonymous said...

Looks like FUN! Those night goggles are awesome! I'm taking the kids sledding today, hoping to wipe them out so that they will come home and take a nap so we can stay up late tonight!

I liked your last post too. I just got done reading One month to live, by Chris and sherry Cook, I think that was their names, but it talked a lot about how important relationships are. We tend to focus on so many things here on earth that won't mean anything in heaven, but investing in relationships is something we will take with us. I'm so guilty of just trying to get through a day with no major hassles and keeping to myself, but I'm trying to change that. Today I thought about just taking my kids sledding, it would be so much easier and less hassle and I could go on my schedule, but then I decided to invite some friends because I think it will be a good time to get to know some of my kids friends mom's that I don't know so well. But it is hard to go out of my comfort zone.

Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Thanks for the note, Abby. You totally just helped me make a decision about a long drive down to a family party today. I wasn't feeling well, I've got a ton of year end work to do and hubs decided not to make the trip, plus I've unexpectedly got people coming over tomorrow for the Rosebowl game and the house is a MESS.... so I was being wishy washy on the trip. All that stuff is totally unimportant and the relationship with my family is SO VERY important so off we go.... and I know we're going to have a smashing good time spending quality time with our people!! :o)