Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Feel Good Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. I simply can't wipe the smile off my face today! I think it helped that I got to meet Sheryl for Happy Hour last night and sit and drink good wine and blab to each other after what seems like a really really long month. I wish I could say I loved this last year, but I really can't. I can appreciate what it's taught me, but...

Boy! Am! I! Glad! This! Year! Is! Over!
Made lots of mistakes, got called a few names, realized how dark it had gotten, saw myself in a true light and although so many days seems like way too much of a struggle, I just have a huge smile on my face today. It's true - The future's so bright - even if 2010 sees a lot of struggle again, I just have to know that each year just keeps smoothing me, shining me, baring me - turning me true.

I continue to study this quote and be open to what it means in my life:

To be sure, calling is not what it is commonly thought to be. It has to be dug out from under the rubble of ignorance and confusion. And, uncomfortably, it often flies in the face of our human inclinations. But nothing short of God's call can ground and fulfill the truest human desire for purpose. - Os Guinness

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Anonymous said...

HI Julie,

Your enthusiasm is contagious!!
Merry Christmas!