Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rule # 19

Rule # 19 from You Are Your Choices: "Why Not Be Comfortable?"

"Luxury need not have a price - comfort itself is a luxury." Geoffrey Beene

Every once in a while I pick up one of my Alexandra Stoddard books after putting into practice one of her suggestions I've previously read. This morning the alarm went off, I made my coffee and just as I sat down on the couch to wake up a bit with the sunrise, I realized that for 8 years of watching sunrises from my couch, I never get to view the whole perfect picture of Mt. Hood because my couch sits too far back from the window. I see about 1/2 of the mountain as I strain my neck a bit. It's lovely, but today I was reminded how much better it would be if I enjoyed the full picture. How easy was this to do? I pulled one end of the couch out about a foot and sat back under my cozy blanket and got to see the entire beautiful pink sunrise and the ENTIRE mountain without straining my neck. Silly me. 8 years of not getting the whole picture because I was too lazy to pull the couch out a few inches.

Then Steve woke up and called me into the bedroom to see who had been watching the sunrise next door. I think it's a heron??

Great morning of simple stuff. Thanks Alexandra Stoddard. I'm going to read a few more chapters today to see how I can live more of the good life tomorrow.

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