Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pressed Ham

I had planned to head back up to Dog Mountain again today since it took my legs out of action for most of this last week. I figure it must have been an effective training hike to put me in such sore shape. Steve said to head out early since he was going dirt biking later, so I found myself up at 5am on a Saturday morning and that just seemed a little ridiculous. After I got my coffee in, I headed out for The Gorge in the dark and not knowing what the weather was supposed to be like today. Driving out I-84 at sunrise can be pretty spectacular. Just as I crossed over The Bridge of the Gods and made my way on to the Washington side of the Gorge, that beautiful orange glow started to fill the sky. I rounded a corner and BAM! there that incredible golden orb we call our sun was rising over the Columbia River between two mountains. Absolutely Glorious Way To Start My Day!

I was the first truck at the trailhead and figured I wouldn't see anyone else until making my way back down. I immediately regretted the gloves and fleece I had thrown on before leaving the house, but I was too lazy to pull off my pack (actually Jack's Darth Vader backpack, which was the only thing I could find) and re-dress so I just unzipped what I could and sweated my way up the hill. I figured I didn't need to take my camera since I was just there last weekend. I much could change in 7 days, right?

First, I noticed that there were a bit more flowers starting to bloom since last week

And right about a third of a mile from the summit is where I hit SNOW today! Last weekend I was up there in a tank top and dry trail and this weekend...well, let's just say I became very happy to have the fleece and gloves still on. It got chilly in the wind up there!

About a 1/4 mile from the top, I saw a hiker ahead of me. I'm not sure what trailhead he came from as there were no other cars where I parked, but we visited for a couple minutes when I caught up with him. Ki and I had all the great choices of seating at the summit, but it seemed rather cold to sit in the snow, so we opted for the log. After reluctantly sharing the last bit of our Dave's Killer Bread Sin Dawg (O.M.G!) with Kiara and devouring the rest myself, we headed back down. I guess Monday will tell the story of whether or not my legs handled it better this time.

So we got back to the truck and I kicked off my boots and popped Jeff Foxworthy's "Games Rednecks Play" into the CD player and headed on home. I don't care how many times I've listened to that CD, I laugh until I hurt every single time! After awhile I could wait no longer and fast forwarded to Seek and Destroy and laughed until my eyes were so full of tears that I almost had to pull off the freeway. I followed that with Don't Drive Drunk and that pretty much ended me - my busted gut and smiling cheeks hurt so bad!!

I looked all over the internet and apparently good ol' boy Jeff doesn't have any of his awesome works out there for free anymore so I can't share it with you, but trust me, it is some GOOD STUFF :-)

There's nothin like bein in love an' starin at a big ol' moon.
Hell, when I was in high school, a drive by shooting meant
somebody had their rear end hangin outta car window.
Got a few mooners in the crowd.
Were ya good?
I was All-State my senior year.
Wasn't moonin a great sport, nobody ever got hurt....
you didn't have to be in shape to play...
Hell, the fatter you were the more ya brought to the window.

We used to play this game called Seek and Destroy.
What we do, we get in my dad's chrysler with the electric windows..
my two best friends: Bomber one, and Bomber two would be in the backseat,
with their pants to their ankles.

Bomber One to Mother Hen, come in Mother Hen.
Go ahead Bomber One.
Ahh, yeah, permission to fire on a seventy-seven ford galaxy in the left hand lane.
Permission granted Bomber One, lowering left rear bomb hatch now...

AHH! Perfect hit!
They're in the ditch!
Granny is outta the car, and clutching her chest,
return to home base.

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