Friday, April 2, 2010

Jesus, T-ball And My Sweetest Boy

First and most importantly - Happy Easter To Everyone!! I'm so excited about this weekend's services. I'm also gearing up for two birthday parties, studying and month end stuff for the business. I had the whole weekend kind of mapped out in my head for my "to do" list and it was making my heart pound a little too fast, so I've decided to take Mom's advice to "slow down and enjoy Easter". Me walking around all frazzled will do nothing but make me all the more I'm just taking it minute by minute - it will all get done.

Jack starts baseball next week, but this week was all about Mai. She was the only girl at practice on Wednesday, but that did not seem to bother her in the least. She was happily displaying her new mitt from Grampy. Do you see the pink stripes :-)

I see a future full of boys chasing her.

They didn't stand a chance - she's always in the middle of it all!
She takes the advice so well from Coach. I wish she would take Mama and Daddy's advice so eagerly...

And as promised...
My Sweetest Boy
Happy Easter!!!

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