Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Road Less Traveled

I was supposed to go on a hike yesterday. I got up at 4:45am and while I drank my coffee I talked myself out of it. Bad decision. I felt like I wasted the whole morning. Around 8:00 I decided I could make the 9:45 spin class, but then I crawled in to bed with Mai as she was waking up and by the time we got done cuddling and she had read me the entire Space IQ book, it was too late to go (totally worth the extra hour of snuggle time, though!). Finally around 11:30am I decided to go for a swim, but then I remembered that I lost my swimsuit. I dug an old one out the other night and it wasn't until I was walking from out of the pool and to the sauna that I remembered why I quit wearing this one. One too many wears under my wetsuit and the entire butt seam and an inch to either side of it are completely in "Hello butt crack, nice to meet you, most people keep you covered up, but I'm glad to see Julie is letting you see the sunlight today."

So, determined to swim, I headed to Sports Authority to find an athletic suit. After trying on at least 25, I ended up with a purchase. Got to the gym and continuing with the day's theme,  talked myself out of a swim. I did work out, I'll pat myself on the shoulder for not being a total lamo. The Cybex can really get your legs pumping high. I kind of liked it.

But really, the day was a bust. I was all out of sorts about one thing or the other. Didn't want to spend 5 hours away from the kids while I hiked, but on the other hand, had no desire to actually play with the kids. I know, bad mom. It happens. Skipped church :-( and then stuffed my belly with a burger and fries and locked myself in my bedroom to watch Crazy Heart. I liked! Hit the hay and woke up in much better spirits today, so off to the gorge.

I decided that Ki and I should take the "more difficult" option up Dog today.
Normally by the time we get to this sign (about .7 miles into the hike) it seems quite ridiculous to make it even MORE difficult than it already is and so we always go right. Not today. Guess I needed to make up for yesterday's weenieness. To the left is the same elevation gain, but you do it in about a 1/2 mile less. Really the only up side I could see to this was that we would miss out on the You are freaking kidding me, I'm going to die hill.

So we continued on amidst many many many many thoughts that this was dumb. My ankles were killing me and my right calf was cramping so bad, but we carried on. I started to wonder where this trail would hook up with other one, when we came upon a familiar looking log bench and I realized we had just hooked up...
...right at the bottom of the.. You are freaking kidding me, I'm going to die hill.


We made it to the top in record time!! I wasn't feeling great, but I was happy it was done. Coming down hill we ran into Couloir, my TNT mentor from the '08 tri season and visited with her and her friend for a few minutes before hauling butt to the bottom. Since we made such good time, I decided today would be the day to stop and soak my feet in the very cool Columbia River. We found a perfect little beach.

If I had brought a suit, I would have sat all the way down in and taken care of the whole lower body, but my feet and ankles appreciated my effort.
I have at least three group hikes coming up in the next two months, so I'm super excited for some company!!

Got home and remembered I promised the kids we would plant flowers today, so we got to work on that and we're hoping for a good showing this Summer! So far we have in some Glads, Astilbe and Canna Lily. Tomorrow we'll plant some sunflowers, morning glory and zinneas.

Off to hydrate and shower! Hope you all had a good weekend!


Bob Bennett said...

WOW! If you can climb Dog Mountain and still have energy to plant flowers when you get home, you're doing alright!

Julie said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks for your note - I was so pleased to hear from a fellow hiker!

Yes, with two young kiddos at home, a lot of rest is usually not an option when I get home :-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the weekend ended up great! I know that feeling though, when you have some ideas in your head of what you want to get done, and it doesn't work out, that is frustrating! But yea for you for making up for it. You are such a good mom! No wonder your daughter likes to workout so much, she has such a good example to follow! Have a great week!

Melissa H said...

We all have weekends like that, where we have the best intentions but just don't have the mental energy. Looks like your hike was fabulous and WOW, what a beautiful landscape. I miss mountains! :-)