Sunday, July 25, 2010

Babies Birthdays

CAN. NOT. Believe that my children are so old! I tell them I'll still be calling them my babies when they're 60 years old. Mai got her ears pierced and spent some of her birthday money from Grammy and Grampy on cute hair bands.

We had their combined birthday party at the house yesterday. I was kept so busy by the demands of all these 6 and 8 year olds, that I barely got to snap but three pictures.
It was in the 90s so it was all about the water: slip 'n slides, water balloons, and the pool. I've never seen kids get so excited to get into a 3 foot pool that wasn't even filled up all the way :-) They were oh so polite waiting to go down the kiddie slide face first to cool off.

So many kids and so little pool turned it into a hot tub, but they didn't seem to care.

After they left, I hopped in the pool myself and then took a little unexpected nap on the grass. Drowsily, we headed out to Milwaukie Daze festival down at the river with Grandma and Grandpa for some fireworks and dancing to wake us up.

Mai and Grandma Did The Hanky Panky.
And then I got pulled out by the dancing fool, Mai, to Shout, but I was wearing my sloppy shorts and I'm sure the audience saw more of me than they wanted to. Jack even asked me about the mole half way down my backside.
Speaking of moles...
I'm about 100% sure this spot on my left lower leg is going to come back as more cancer when I get it checked out next week. Awesome.
Nice stubble. Reminder to shave. Camera really gets a good close up - my skin looks awful!

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