Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Change The Way You See, Not The Way You Look

In honor of CAITLIN'S book release today, I am re-posting one of my favorites - my interview with my 5 year old. My goal as her mom is to encourage her to remain happy with who she is and to always love herself. I so appreciate Caitlin's OPERATION BEAUTIFUL project.

An interview with Mai:

Julie: Hi Mai.
Mai: Hi Mama. You ready?

J: Ok, here we go. How old are you?
M: 5.

J: What's the best thing about being a girl?
M: I like wearing eye shadow.

J: Do you love yourself?
M: Ya.

J: What do you love most about yourself?
M: I like that I can play on my swingset.

J: Do you not like anything about yourself?
M: NO!

J: What's the favorite part of your body?
M: My head ~ because I can think. I can think about math, my stuffed animals, my mom, and what I'm going to do tomorrow.

J: What's the least favorite part of your body, if you have one?
M: My feet.

J: Why your feet?
M: Because you can't decorate them very much - just polish. Plus - they stink.

J: Are you a happy person?
M: Ya - I'm a real happy person. Like, if we lose our house, we don't have to worry because we have lots of family and neighbors to help us.

J: Do you have any worries?
M: I think my great grandma's going to die when she's 100. I got a book that says humans only live to about 75 and she's 87.

J: Are you scared to die?
M: Yes, because I'll miss my cousins. I have a little baby cousin named Evan and I know I'm going to die before him 'cause he's younger.

J: Do you ever look in the mirror?
M: Yes, when I'm putting on my eyeshadow.

J: Do you like what you see?
M: Yes.

J: If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?
M: My clothes.

J: So you like who you are?
M: Yes. Lots!


Melissa H said...

This is such a perfect reflection on the amazing mother that you are. I hope that you take some of the credit, here. <3

Nobel4Lit said...

Sweet! I wish this attitude will always be with her!

Astrid said...

I just found your post from Caitlyn's blog. I love that Mai said her favorite body part is her head because she can sing. That is absolutely genius. How interesting would it be to interview girls at every grade level from preschool to seniors in high school and see how they answer these questions? That would be a fun study.