Sunday, August 8, 2010

Too Much...

Too much sugar and salt and pizza yesterday and today all I want is WATER!
We started off at the Chautauqa Festival parade and loaded up on candy
Jack came home with about 15 or so candies that he really wanted. Mai...well, she's another story:

...and then it went downhill from there. I'm saturated with yuck and all I want to do is nap...
Which is exactly what I've kind of been doing. I got up feeling like dog poop, which reminded me of Ki and the only chore that mattered today...brush and wash the dog ~ so brush I did...
...and then we hopped in the shower together (no pics ;-)

...before I started the napping part of my day in front of the boob tube to watch Ewan McGregor in The Ghost Writer. I liked it.
Now I can get back to my trashy James Patterson novel...but tomorrow is another kind of day. The kids take off for camp and that means I'm pulling out Cadence...remember this sweet girl of mine? Well, she's been completely ignored for way too long and so tomorrow we're rekindling our relationship.

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