Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 things

Sometimes all you need is love....
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

...and I'm talkin' a little leg love from a massuer named Ivan.

I had my first real appointment for physical therapy yesterday and they called to tell me I had better insurance benefits if I saw the chiropractor, so I said I like that and they said fine...and an hour later I was getting told that if I don't start yoga immediately, I will continue to have these problems with my legs and all that they support (me). She was fantastic and I have faith in her ability to get me walking again...hiking again...running again!! I super loved her because she had Ivan give my lower legs a 30 minute massage. His only words to me the entire time were..."Good Gracious!! These calves are TIGHT!"

She said the issues are more in my feet and that is what is irritating my achilles. She said my feet are like solid blocks instead of how they should be. I totally KNEW this about my feet. I can feel it when I walk or run. She also said I have scar tissue around my achilles, which I also totally knew...I can feel it! This was such a vastly different appointment from the physical therapist I went to last fall. I'm excited to see some major rehabilitation because I actually cried from pain after my dog walk yesterday. Enough is enough!

Now on to some Blogger Love. The wonderful KELLY gave me an award last week with the instructions to name 10 things I like.
 I'm going to change it to 10 Things I Like About Today:

1) After the initial confusion as to why my alarm clock was ringing on a Saturday ('s Wednesday isn't it?) I started my day off in prayer and fellowship with God. Why do I ever NOT start this way? A subject I should seriously consider.

2) Petting these of the very softest and fuzzy variety of ears and knowing how happy that makes her.

3) Finding Jack waking up with smiles to find the the super soft bunny rabbit Mai loaned him last night.
4) Letting Mai's overnight braids loose and smelling her cherry shampoo exploding out as her golden curls cascaded down her back.

5) Putting on my favorite turquoise bracelet (favorite because it's the only bracelet I own...and for some reason I only wear it with purple shirts).
6) Grabbing my red purse and hopping into my red car.

7) Starting my new Women's Bible Study this morning.: Faithful, Abundant, True.

8) Enjoying the company of my wonderfully beautiful small group in the study.

9) Singing Son of a Preacher Man like a total rockstar in the car (and it wasn't pitchy, dawg) and not caring what the neighboring drivers on the road thought of me.

10) Being calmed down by Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends.

I'm adding a #11 because I'm headed to now go do the first day's homework in the study and I have two kids in school FULL-TIME this year and that means I can gather what's left of my brain and go get in the Word!

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