Monday, October 4, 2010

The Good And The Bad

The Good: Dropped two kids off at school with visions of 6 kidless hours in which to work, work-out, and read.

The Bad: Arrived home from the gym to find one of the goobers sitting on the couch.

The Good: Saved my $$ by getting inventive with my perfectly good running shoes that have sat unwearable because they come up too high on my achilles.

The Bad: Possibly ruined a $130 pair of shoes. Time will tell...

The Good: The kids stayed busy for an hour building their new "reading fort".
The Bad: Who's going to clean up this mess?

The Good: I think I finally tracked down my tickets to the Women of Faith Conference.

The Bad: The process left me feeling very un-Christ like :-(

The Good: Blockbuster e-mailed me a promo code for a free movie.

The quote on the front of the movie ad said "it exceeds The Blind Side".

The Bad: I just discovered the Tomatometer only gave it a 17%.

Guess I better go see what the Juliemeter gives it (I'm often in complete disagreement with Rotten Tomatoes... so there IS hope :-)


Susan said...

Hi Julie! Love your post. I can so relate... Enjoy the rest of your week! Susan

Wendy @ Seriously Sassy said...

So how was the movie?? Looks interesting! I never trust reviews....everyone has their own opinion. :-)
Glad to hear the shoes are working well!

Julie said...

Wendy - it was a cute movie I could watch with the kids :-)
It definitely did NOT exceed The Blind Side, and it was a little cheesy, but the girl and I really enjoyed watching it! It was a good story.

Quinton J said...

aahhhh....I see what you're talking about. I butchered those bad boys.