Sunday, October 24, 2010

THAT was a long week!

I'm not sure what it was about this last week, but it seemed way too stressful. I had a mini nervous breakdown on Wednesday and skipped bible study after finally getting to the part of the study that is REALLY talking to me. I mean...REALLY talking to me.

I also had one of those Brian Tracy work frogs that you're supposed to eat first and get out of the way.
It was just as it usually is...weeks and weeks of stressing about it, putting it off, dreading it and then finally having to complete it, you realize it was the ugliest frog that you should have eaten right away. It took me less than an hour to complete and was not nearly as horrible as my imagination had made it out to be.

Although this next part was fantastic and fun, I was still dreading it a bit because it was two FULL days (Fri and Sat 7am to 5pm) and I wasn't feeling so great - I finally got around to taking the NASM workshop that I've had to reschedule several times. It was the basic Essentials of Personal Training workshop and it was very informative and the instructor was great! There were several exercises that for years I have totally not been doing to their full potential. Tony Ambler-Wright was the instructor and I really liked him - SO much knowledge. He's the kind of trainer you want!...and want to be like! I came away with a whole new outlook on things like ROM and regressions and progressions, but mostly it made me feel like I have so much more to learn to really be a great PT...which is really the only kind to be if you're truly out there to help your people!

I was hoping for a long night's sleep but the rain here is pouring down. I even worked it into my dreams and had nightmares about my house leaking and leaking and leaking and crumbling around I'm up early yet again. That's ok, because I plan on cuddling up in my favorite blanket and reading most of the day away or watching movies with the kids...and a nap is not out of the question :-)

I leave you with a great video of Molly Barker, founder of Girls On The Run - watch until the very end for a good cry.

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