Friday, December 24, 2010

All I Want For Christmas... my two front teeth. The tooth fairy had to make an appearance last night and I heard a certain Grammy wanted pictures:

Happy Christmas Eve to all!  ~ And Happy Birthday to my Mom and Dad - Yes!! Their birthdays are both today!
I was so excited to be done with all the shopping and I finally got the fish transferred over to the bowl and remembered to feed it.

A purple fish with pink rocks...the wee girl is going to love it!

 ABBY asked me if Steve and I exchange gifts. We do. He's very good at knowing just what to get me. He doesn't like people telling him what to get them and he doesn't like telling people what he wants. His theory is that if you are close enough to a person to give and receive gifts with them, you should already know what would be the perfect gift for them. Unfortunately, I'm not as good at this game as he is.

There is a tie for my two favorite gifts from him. The first is from Valentine's day many many moons ago - maybe our first V day together. He gave me red tulips (my favorite flower) and wrote, played, and sang me a song. Any wonder I married him??!!!

The other gift I most love is hanging in my office where I see it every day. About four Christmases ago, he put together a little collage picture frame with a picture from our wedding, the wee ones and our pets (that are both now in pet heaven) and a beautiful poem.
Our Family. Our life. What's important. No gifts needed!

Do you and your spouse or significant other exchange lavishly or keep it simple? I'm not against lavish ;-)
...I just don't REQUIRE it  :-)
Tell me what your favorite present was from your spouse in holidays past!


Dawn said...

Oh what an absolutely perfect picture!!!! Cute:)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!!!!
Merry Christmas:)

Julie D. said...

Those are awesome gifts!! Favorite present? One year he did a themed stocking and had a big fluffy blanket, wine, candles, and a was the perfect date night present. Merry Christmas!!

Julie said...

Dawn ~ Merry Christmas. I'm so jealous of your snow :-)

Julie ~ Your husband did GOOD! What an awesome gift.
Merry Christmas!!