Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Christmas Miracle

We're officially in the holiday spirit around here. Tree is UP!
I stole a holiday tradition from Abby and told the kids we could sleep around the tree the first night. I ran to the store for cookies for the elves and I returned to find Mai had made our big family bed and assigned sleeping spots

Now for the Christmas Miracle. I want to re-share one of my favorite Christmas stories from last year...I love having kids!

A Christmas Miracle

It's a dog eat dog world...especially in our house lately. As I eluded yesterday, we had another such incident in the early morning hours. In a nutshell,  Ki scarfed down ChiChi's face like it was a chocolate and peanut butter covered bone. Whatever happened, we missed the massacre...only finding the leftover pieces. Mai, of course, was devastated by the results.

I wracked and wracked my brain to remember where ChiChi came from, but Mai does most of her own "aminal" shopping these days, and I really had no idea where she picked him up... so I gave up. Many hours later, I knew I needed to re-do the grocery shopping that was interrupted earlier in the day, so I hurried over to Winco under the pressure of the great winter storm warning we were having. The store was packed and crowded and grumpy with people not wanting to get stuck at home with no provisions. I was whipping through the aisles, bumping into people, pushing the rude entire aisle takers forward with my cart when out of the corner of my eye I spotted an entire shelf stuffed full of bug eyed stuffed animals. Gray and pink, gray and pink, pig after elephant after pig. They somehow looked familiar and I realized THIS WAS THE STORE!!! Like a crazy woman on Black Friday, I frantically started pulling those little buggers off the shelf until I found at the very back corner, one lone brown chihuahua. Holy Christmas Miracle of Miracles!!!! I am Mighty Mouse ~~~ HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could barely hold in my excitement all evening, until finally I asked Mai to bring me ChiChi's remains so we could try to fix her. In our house, the elves come every night with a little treat as soon as the Christmas tree goes up, so as I held ChiChi in my hand, I told Mai, "I just don't think I have the talent to save her. Wait a minute, Mai!!! The elves! The elves! They are master toy craftsmen, I bet if you left ChiChi and a note to them by your stocking, THEY could fix her up."
Mai's eyes lit up and she got to writing.

Dear Elves,
Can you fix ChiChi?

Off to bed she went, and off to work I went...
Good as new. Or in this case...Brand New!

Mai woke up before me to find ChiChi in pristine condition. When I arose, I found this:
Dear Elves,
Can you fix Max?
I love you

ruh roh.


Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

Hmmmm....I wonder if the elves will come and fix my kitchen faucet??

I think it's a husky thing - our dog loves to seek and destroy all "stuffies" as well. There have been many traumatizing moments in our house as well!

Love the idea of sleeping under the tree - so fun!

Eliza said...

Love the idea of sleeping under the tree :)

Emz said...

This post rocks.

You must sleep under the tree. Man, how I love Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute story!! I love hearing your stories about Mai, she is adorable! How old is she now? I was thinking she was the same age as Luke.

Isn't it fun all sleeping out there with the lights and everything? We pull out the kids twin mattresses and line them up and make popcorn and watch a Christmas movie. This year it was one of the Home Alone movies. It's not the best night's sleep, but the kids love it!

Jo Lynn said...

LOL, I liked the ending. ;)

What a great idea to sleep around the tree. Too bad my girls are 24 years old and no longer live at home.

Julie said...

It was surprisingly hard to sleep on the floor knowing my comfy bed was just on the other side of the wall. It WAS fun to see them wake up and reach into their stockings for the first time this year...CHOCOLATE!

Abby, Mai is 6 now. When this happened last year, she was in Kindy and just learning how to spell...
this girl is seriously FUNNY! She's constantly cracking us up. We think she's going to be the next Lucille Ball.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

What a fun traditiion and the Christmas miracle made my day!
You work with your husband?!? Wow that is awesome but I am sure Billy would get so sick of me!

Aimee said...

I love your tradition of sleeping under the tree the first night! I might have to steal that and do it with my boys this year! :)

Ha ha...that story about chichi is hilarious!! The things we do for our children's happiness! :)

ERG said...

You are a very resourceful woman! That's a great story of ChiChi and the elves.
Thanks for your help with the video! It took forever to load, but worked :)

Jen said...

Oh dear. Maybe it was a one time miracle. I love your tradition of sleeping under the tree. What good memories you're creating!