Friday, December 3, 2010

I Feel Like Making Love

Ki and I headed out for our usual dog walk earlier. It's gorgeous in P Town today. Blue skies and lots and lots of sunshine. With my face to the sky like a sunflower, I'm struttin' along listening to Kid Rock sing me his tune...

Baby, when I think about you
I think about love.
Darlin, couldn't live without you
And your love.

If I had those golden dreams of my yesterday
I would wrap you
In the heavens
And feel it dyin (dyin, dyin) all the way

I feel like makin
Feel like makin love
Feel like makin love
Feel like makin love
Feel like makin love to you

Baby, if I think about you
I think about love.
Darlin, if I live without you
I live without love.

Good times...Me and The Kid all lost in our own sunshiny world...
...When I slowly come to the conclusion that there is a man in a truck slowly cruising along beside me trying to get my attention. I pull out an earbud and look to him expectantly.

He says to me "fixed?".
I say to him "fixed to do what?"

"I'm looking to breed." says he.
 "uuuuuuhhhhh.... huhhhhhh....?" all smart looking with my slackjaw, says I.
(oh. dear. God...did he just say what I think he said? He wants to breed with me?)

Him (nodding his head downward near my feet): "Your husky. She's real purty. I got a male at home that I'm fixin' to breed."


Me: "Yep. We're fixed.... Ummmm... Have a great day?"

Blame it on my Cowboy Kid.


mygrandmavita said...

lmao!!! yes, blame Kid for that one :0

ERG said...

I can only imagine =D the nerve!

Julie D. said...


Meredith said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!! That is hilarious!!