Friday, December 31, 2010

...Like a Monkey Taking A Sh!T In A Bucket

The very lovely Elkton Runner tagged me with some questions. Since I really have not been running or racing this year AT ALL due to my injury, I'm taking liberty with my answers and may rely on previous years to answer :-)

1) Most fond running accomplishment of 2010. I actually do have an answer to this one. It was earlier this week when I ran an 8:57 m/m. It feels so good to really run again! Really good!

2) What are my 2011 running goals? I joined the Run for the Bling of it group, so I'll be running 12 races in 12 months. I also want to be smart about my legs and continue to stretch and rehab them and not do anything silly like run too far before I'm ready. I  really need to be able to run my leg of the 1/2 Ironman at a 12m/m pace or under. This may seem easy, but it's not been in the books for me to this point. I would really be loving life if I could do it at a 10m/m pace, but I'm aiming at 12m/m because it will get me in under 7 hours and that is my goal this year.

3) My favorite race was when Dad and I did the 25k Hagg Lake Mud Run together. It was a beautiful February day and by beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL!! It was cool to do a race with my dad.

4) My favorite holiday guilty pleasure. I'm not a real sweets girl but I do love a good can piece of Almond Roca or some chocolate coconut balls.

5) My most embarrassing running moment? This has got to be at my 2008 Half Ironman. I was DONE when I got off the bike. Completely Toasted! It was super hot, my back was cramped up and I walked the whole thing. The husband was supportive and rode his bike along side me the WHOLE half marathon after I met him at mile 1. At about mile 10 he got super supportive and  told me I looked like a monkey trying to take a shit in a bucket. The funny thing was...
I Felt Like A Monkey Trying To Take A Shit in a Bucket!

And there you go...
Happy New Year!!!!!!


Pam said...

I had NO idea what to expect when I clicked on a post with this title. LOL Love it!

Dawn said...

Hahahaa...Oh this is too funny! What a guy he come up with that one is great- especially at that moment:))
You have accomplished what I one day wish to....thank you for sharing your past races and accomplished goals!
Here's to a new (race-filled) year ahead:)))
Maybe one day...we could do a race together...or a team THAT would be fun:))
Happy New Year to you!!!

Jen said...

How fun to have run a race with your dad. It sounds like even though you had an injury, it was a good year! I'm sure next year will be even better! You inspire me! i'd love to be able to do a 1/2 ironman someday before I die!

Julie said...

Pam - aren't you glad you clicked anyway?? :-)

Dawn - That would be A LOT of fun!!

Jen - NO! You totally inspire me! You are hardcore! I'm just a monkey doing my thing ;-)

ERG said...

lol!!! That monkey story is funny :)

Thanks for doing this !

I HAVE to do Hagg Lake someday now. I didn't realize what kind of course it was. =D Great photo!

Aimee said...

Nice answers!
That monkey story was hilarious! I was wondering how you were going to fit the title of the post in somewhere!

Kate said...

Bahahahahaa! Your husband is hilarious.

Great imagery there.

Happy New Year!! To a healthy, happy 2011.

Jo Lynn said...

Happy New Year Julie! Here's to more running in 2011 (for both of us). ;)

momof3 said...

LOL! Oh honey, that's just awesome! What a great husband to know what to say to get you to the finish line!