Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hippie Hippie Shake

First, how cute is my hippie chick?
She has a hippie dance at school next week and I've been putting off figuring out what she was going to wear as long as I could, but after school we hoped for the best and hit up Party City to see if they had old Halloween leftovers around. After searching and searching and coming up with nothing, I dug back in for a final desperate time with a quick prayer as I did so...and up I came with this beauty.

However, the clearance tag confused me...
If the regular price was $29.99, shouldn't the clearance price be Most of the other costumes had $29.99 as regular and marked down to $5.00. Several were like this one though. I took it to the cash register and the clerk told me that sometimes they just put clearance stickers on things to let the customers know these products won't be around next year. REALLY? I gave her a little (VERY little) grief in telling her it just didn't make sense to me and then decided to let it play out. I figured the prayer got the costume into my hands in the first place, so if we were supposed to get it, it would ring up as $5.00...
AND IT DID!! Hooray ~ One happy hippie with one happy mama.

I read a great weight workout post by Jen today and decided that since tomorrow starts official Half IM training, I would pull out a book I bought a couple years ago and see if it would shed light on how I want to weight train this season.
 I skipped around here and there, but did decide to take the time to read through the Weight Training Needs Analysis and out of all the "symptoms" (ie: you find yourself leaning forward during your runs or your body roll decreases the farther or longer you swim, etc) the answer to my various symptoms was always YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR CORE!!

So. True.

Speaking of training, our TNT kick off party is tonight! I can't believe this starts it all.
And Awaaaaaaaay Weeeeeee GO!


Katie said...

Aww she looks awesome! yayy for Half IM training, I am definitely doing one this year :D

Simply Life said...

oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE!!!

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will Travel said...

As the daughter of two one-time hippies, I give her two thumbs up!

Hope the kick-off is fun! I trained for two marathons with TNT, and had a blast both times.

Aimee said...

That is an awesome hippy costume at an awesome price! She looks so cute!!

Natalia said...

Very cute! I am sure she will be able to use it again - it's that groovy!

Small Town Runner said...

Your little girl is so precious!!

What a steal her mom got on the
outfit, too :)

I hope she has a great time dancing away!

Small Town Runner said...

Ooh- I forgot to say, Have fun with the new training kick-off! That is- um- quite the motivational cover for the book , lol

Kim (Book Worm Runs) said...

Adorable costume!! :) And for $5?? Even better! I really need to work on my core, too...I have found my lower back hurting during some of my longer runs :(

Julie said...

Kim, I'm definitely going to put more effort into core work this season. You know what they say about the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?
Well...I HAVE to do some things differently this season if I'm going to finally kick Pac Crest in the BUTT!

Abby, the kick off was just what we needed to remind us of why we're really doing what we're doing - FUND RAISING! for all those in need of support through their journey with this messed up disease...and to finally find a cure!

To the rest of you ~ thank you so much for always saying such nice things about my kids and supporting me on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

yea TNT!! a half IM, wow! looking forward to following your training. what other events have u done? (it looks like 3 others) also, u can change your minimum on your fundraising page to say $4k if u want... right when you sign it there's a box on the left. under "personal goal" there's a little "edit" button. then your $3500 will go up to $4k.
all the best... GO TEAM,

Diana said...

sweet on you getting a deal on your daughters hippie outfit.

Hope she has/had fun!

Anonymous said...

i didn't even know that widget existed until i visited your site. i really like the look of it. =)
i knew about TNT throughout college and always wanted to do it. once i graduated and moved to a new town (800 miles away from home) i figured it was time to get out and do it! i did the chicago marathon with those guys on 10-10-10. now, i'm a mentor, and i'm fundraising again. it's crazy that i never knew anyone with a blood cancer before i joined. i just wanted to do something for myself while doing something for others. i'm a researcher so i know how important it is to keep it going. sorry to hear about your mom and cousin. i'll keep them in my thoughts and prayers. i realize more and more the reason that we do this each time i hear someone's story. it's amazing what we can do as a team!