Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Know Where All The Old People Go...

...on New Years Eve! 
The movies!! Steve and I went to see True Grit last night (we both REALLY liked it) and we were the youngest people in the very crowded theater by at least two decades. Not sure what that says about us... felt good to be in bed at 10:30 and resting peacefully without a bunch of booze in my belly :-)
I found it ironic, however, after abstaining from the lovely libations to wake up with a doozy of a headache and feeling like poop on a stick.

I felt better once I got outside and Ki and I set out on a Happy New Year dog walk. It was frigid in Forest Park today.

We decided on the leisurely Leif Erickson Trail. I wasn't sure how far we would go but by the time we got to the 4 mile marker, I felt like coming home with just 8 miles under our belt would be kind of wimpy for a New Years start, so we kept going for an even 10 miles.
I know this marker says 5 1/2 miles, but when we got to 5 miles, I remembered the markers are off and we needed to go another 1/4 mile to make it "real", but then we got to the next marker and I realized THIS is where it goes we ended up with 10.5 miles. Got it? Good.

Lots of time to ponder the new year, let Ki sniff and pee to her heart's content and prove to myself that my ankles and shins ARE getting better :-)

And I even tried to be a little bit of a better person today without even making a resolution to do so. A 1/4 mile in I bagged a Ki poop and dropped it, telling myself I would pick it up on the way out. On the way out, we were heading toward the truck when I remembered I hadn't picked it up. Ki had started limping pretty badly and I was HUNGRY and REALLY had to pee (and actually MAY have been peeing a little bit...but I was so frozen, who could tell...) and I thought, "awww...someone else will pick it up. At least I bagged it. I then continued on my way with it bugging me and instead of doing the right thing half way, I finally turned around and went back and not only picked it up but saw that I had originally missed a little dingleberry and I grabbed a new bag out of my pocket and bagged the dingleberry, too. Seriously...I know you are thinking "WHY is she telling us this?".
Well... You see, I'm really good at being 1/2 good, 1/2 dedicated, 1/2 committed... Maybe this is the year I actually work it a little better, this thing that is my life.  All I know... is picking up poop never felt so good :-)


Jo Lynn said...

LOL ROFLMAO!!! My husband and I went to the movies last night.

Saw "True Grit" on Christmas Eve and "How do you know" last night.

Natalia said...

We went to the ballet - otherwise it would have been the movies! I was in bed at 10:30, as it was long past my bedtime :-)

Aimee said...

We went to bed early too. It was awesome not to be completely exhausted this morning!
Nice job on the run! And, I think it's hilarious that you went back for the poop. I probably would have done the same thing though!!

Jen said...

We saw that movie too, only the night before. And yes, it was full of old people. But I really liked it too.
Picking up poop is the ultimate sign of a good person!

Julie said...

I see I keep good company, you old fogies ;-)

Simply Life said...

ha, that's pretty funny about the movie - well we were at home so at least you got out! :)

My Life and Running said...

We went to bed early too. And didn't drink (very much). :) Funny about the dog poo, would have weighed on me too. Cheers for giving more than 1/2!