Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Bored...

What do you do when it's winter rainy and cloudy and blah and you don't really have a lot of work to do and the house is so dirty it defies cleaning and you don't feel like going to the gym? Well, The Husband goes on line and googles "what to do when you're bored" and follows the advice of some 12 year old and picks the dog up and carries her all around the house so she can see what it looks like from his point of view. I would have posted a picture but he did it in his undies.

Me? I volunteer to help out at the kids school.
That'll teach me!

I survived the classroom, but it was lunch break that almost killed me. I managed to entertain dozens of little 6 year olds by first choking on a grape skin. BAD! I was turning all red and hacking and my eyes went blind. I had recovered for all of 10 seconds when I had a sneezing fit to end all sneezing fits. I haven't heard so much giggling in all my years of making a fool of myself. Here, I had actually washed my hair this morning so Mai wouldn't have to be embarrassed of her mom's appearance, and then I mucked it all up anyways.

If you're bored, you're boring. I'm done being bored :-)

On to Updates!!
  • My elbow tendonitis is NO better, but the doctor didn't have much sympathy for me...just wait it out.
  • The bump on my finger IS a tendon sheath cyst and he said to get used to it, 'cause it ain't goin' no.where. He said I do need to QUIT feeling it up, because I am only irritating it and making it worse.
  • I only ran once this week and this was only partly due to the massive wine consumption. Mostly, I'm giving my glute/hammie a break to see if it resolves itself. I hurt it during a trail run over a month ago. I didn't feel myself get hurt, but as soon as I dropped that run down to a walk to the car, it was hurting...and it's hurt ever since...usually just when I'm walking but last week it started to bug me during runs, too.
  • MICHAEL!!!! Please continue to keep my cousin in your prayers. He finished his chemo yesterday and next Tuesday they will puncture lumbar vertebrae checking for leukemia. It is my understanding he will have a transplant within the month. I've been waiting to see if my snotty nose symptoms are a cold or allergies and I'm about 100% sure it has to be allergies so I'm hoping to be able to see him this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Kids think watching someone choking and sneezing are hilarious don't they?!! lol!

We are still praying for Michael, I was going to ask you how he was doing, thanks for the update!

This pertains to your last post, but I JUST happened to pick up those mojo clif bars the other day. They are SO good! The mountain mix one is my fave!

Hope all your little injuries heal soon! I haven't been running much either but it's more because of boredom!!

MuncherCruncher said...

You go to the movies by yourself!?!? I am envious and IMPRESSED. I want to be able to do that. I think it's freaking awesome when people can. I need to buck up and swallow my pride. I know I'd love it!
I hope you get feeling better, and I will FOR SURE keep your cousin in my prayers!! P.s. Did I already say cutest kids ever?

Laurie said...

I need to own a Baby I'm Bored sign. Please have one be a giveaway on your blog ASAP.
Your cousin will be in my thoughts. He seems like an amazingly strong dude!
P.S. The last time I posted a comment on your blog the word was something like "trshdutghhgzzsq" that took me an hour to type. This time it is "truck." This makes me laugh.

Julie said...

Abby and All ~ thanks for the prayers. Michael is an amazing man!

MC - going to the movies by yourself is the best! Total ME time to recharge :-)

Laurie, that's trshdutghhgzzsqically funny. Did you know my husband wanted to name our son "Truck"?