Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Friends

This new pool is wreaking major havoc on my sinuses. It's not just me ~ several teammates are also experiencing the same trouble. Last night I took precautions by using a nasal spray prior to and after swimming and I also tossed back two Benadryl since I was heading to bed shortly after anyways. I did sleep through the night well, but this morning I'm a mix of stuffy and drippy. Grrr.

My swim last night was probably my first really good group swim I've had this year. We have 7 lanes at PSU 2 nights a week. With 60 teammates, that puts us at approximately 8.5 teammates per lane...well, not everyone shows up, but lets say about 5.5 teammates per lane. This is not great, but not too bad as long as you are all swimming the same speed. I started in a pretty slow lane initially, finally moved up one the other night and then last night I saw the next lane up only had two guys in it so I jumped all over it - only 3 people in my lane! We all swam the same speed! To top it off, Coach said I looked "smooth". Yes!!

If you are ever in the need for new friends, join a Team in Training triathlon group. You're together A. LOT.
Two nights a week in the pool, one long group w/o on Sat or Sun and then another "rebel" ride or run together on the other day. Most likely someone will also organize a "rebel" run or ride midweek as well. Don't forget about all the teammate fundraisers like Disco Party or Beerpalooza or Wine Tasting or Party in the Park. You get my point, it's very social!

Now...if you don't want to be that involved, you can just hit up one swim and one one group w/o a week and do the rest on your own, but what's the fun in that? I personally want to try to hit up as many of the fundraisers as possible this year. It's time we found a good babysitter!

Well, this was all just a lot of filler to take my mind off of this weekend. We head down to Eugene today for Michael's burial and then tomorrow is the memorial service. Each day this week has been a little different. Some days all I want to do is think about him, but that causes me to think dark thoughts about his last days and the struggle he went through to keep living and it's just too much. The good memories bring just as many tears. Other days I try to listen to songs that make me happy and keep my mind off of him, but that feels wrong - like a betrayal, like I'm not mourning him. I can't imagine what Nicole and the kids are going through right now. It hurts my heart.


Kovas said...

Hope this weekend helps you move on to a happier frame of mind where you can remember Michael in a way that makes you smile. It's not a betrayal to take a break from mourning.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

On the plus side, swimming in a lane with 8.5 teamates gets you ready to be in the water with hundreds of other swimmers all flailing about to start a race. Who do you consider as the half swimmer in the 8.5 number? Kinda like saying the average family has 2.8 kids :-)

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Oh yeah, I meant to add sorry about what you're going through with Michael.

misszippy said...

So sorry about Michael...I missed the post that he had passed. So tough for you and your family.

Much lighter note--3 to a lane sounds much better than 8!

Rose said...

I wish I would have joined a team when I was doing triathlons. Maybe I would have learned how to actually swim.

Aimee said...

I can only imagine what you're going through. Again, my thoughts are with you and your family.

On the swimming front, that would be crazy to have 8 people in a lane at the same time! Yikes! But, yay for you for moving up in lanes! :)

Small Town Runner said...

Sorry that you are having a hard time right now, after Michael's passing. It is a sign that you are normal and that you cared deeply. I am sorry for his family he left behind :(

Your TNT sounds AMAZING! Such a great deal at PSU!

Do you still think you might do that 5k in eugene you mentioned in an earlier post? When is it again??

Anonymous said...

It hurts my heart too reading your posts. It's not a betrayal to take your mind off of him. I know I don't know the guy, but I would bet he doesn't want his loved ones to be miserable. You can honor his sacrifice by living the life you still have to the fullest and that means with joy!

Shawn said...

I was having so much trouble with the pool and my sinuses I started wearing a nose clip - that helped a lot.

As for TNT - I wish my experience had been as good as your seems to be.

My Life and Running said...

I'm so glad you've got such great team support with TnT! It must make this triathlon journey 100x more fun & meaningful!