Friday, March 25, 2011

Mama, Those Shoes Are Sure SEXY

You all might remember I came in First Place in a little race called The Winter Predictor down in Eugene in January. Through that win, I received a free race entry in to this month's Bring In Spring 5k. Since I've never actually done a real 5k, this was very exciting news!
When I came home Wednesday night with these babies... ('cept mine are even MORE purple)

...Mai let out a huge loving sigh and said "Mama, those shoes are sure sexy!" Ya BABY - that's right - I'm bringin' sexy back!

So, the kids and I headed down to Eugene yesterday and had a great visit with Mom & Dad and my bro. I had a couple things on my Eugene agenda. First, I headed out to lunch with Michael's wife, Nicole. I haven't seen her since the funeral and I was hoping we could just lose the kids - her THREE and my two - for a while and just take it easy like two moms need to do every once in a while. She asked where I wanted to go to lunch and I said "anywhere but Mexican - I have a race tonight and I don't want heartburn"...SOOOOO...she said she knew a place that had fantastic drinks and when we pulled up to Ring of FIRE, I doubted her ability to help me get to the race in one piece. She tried to talk me into a JALEPENO Margarita, and after one sip, I almost threw the race out the door, but instead I stuck with white wine and a yummy beef and rice dish.

After lunch we headed over to the hospital to see our cousin Rachel and baby Katelyn. Mama was spending some Kangaroo Care time with baby, so no pictures I can share with you. That baby is absolutely amazing. The whole thing is mind blowing. Seeing her in pictures was one thing, but being up close and in person was beyond incredible. We did snag a diaper, though - so this might help explain just how tiny she is...

...her diaper is the size of the screen on my cell phone!!

After the hospital it was time to get over to Sladden Park for the race. A trip to the Buck's and I was as ready as I would ever be.

Since this was my first 5K, I had no idea how I would do. I wasn't really sure how to pace myself in such a short race but I knew I didn't want to poop out too early.  I told Mom and the kids to expect me back in 30 minutes or less.

They managed to see me at 4 different times during the race and give me high fives...

and raise my spirits as I finished mile one in about 8 minutes!! So much for not starting out too fast.
I came in 4/7 in my age group and 60/130 overall. I averaged 8:50m/m and I do believe I haven't run that fast for that far since training for my marathon in '06. I think I'm bringin' Julie back, too! It felt GRAND!!!!

This was my March run for Run For the Bling of it Challenge. One a month - right on track!


Katie said...

I have the Nike Free's in Neon Green and Baby Blue!! LOVE them!

The first day I wore them, before my run, a coworker asked them if they were my disco shoes (clearly mocking me, as he does daily :/ )

Immediately after my run that day two girls that were around 9/10 squealed "We love your shoes!"

Mmmhmm snarky coworker, who is the cool one :D

Katie said...

Also congrats on an awesome race!

and the diaper. . . awww :D

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Nice kicks & congrats on the race. 5 kids at a lunch date ... no thank you!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

COngrats on gaining a free entry back in DEC for Eugene! WOW!!

Those Free's are quite the sexy statement! How do they feel? I'm in Vomero's now

That diaper is so tiny--hope Katelyn is doing well.

Julie said...

Katie - I love all the fun colors they come in!!

Jim - The kids had fun with Grammy and Grampy - I'm not entirely sure how much fun Grammy and Grampy had, though :-)

Jess - I've been wearing Frees since October and I really really love them - for running and also just for wearing around.

Julie said...

Oh! And Katelyn is doing well. She is up and ounce. Yep, only one - now she is 1 pound 7 oz, but she's a fighter! She's being fed her mama's milk now, through a feeding tube and they get to hold her for two hours every day!!

Elizabeth said...

Pretty shoes! Nike’s don’t work for me but they always look so cool on everyone else. That is the tiniest little diaper I have ever seen. She will be in my prayers that she stays strong! and congrats on your race!! great time!

Michael said...

Great job on the race!! AWESOME! Glad to hear the baby is doing well :)

Julie said...

I've never been able to run in Nikes before the Frees. They were always too narrow across the toes for me. The Frees don't seem to give me that problem at all.
What is your problem in Nikes?

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love the purple!!! Little tiny diaper.. Will be in my prayers!

Julie said...

Love the shoes and great race!

Thinking of the baby and family.

Aimee said...

Awesome job with your 5k! Woohoo!

Aww..that diaper is soo tiny. I'm glad to hear that the baby is still hanging on and doing well.

Small Town Runner said...

What a tiny baby..precious.

The shoes are raging!! Well done on the race, Julie!! I wish I could have done that one with you.
Ring of Fire is yummy.. Funny though that the last time I went was a mini HS reunion. The girls were after the drinks then too.

Glad you got a good visit. =D

One Crazy Penguin said...

Sexy and speedy! Woot!

Love those shoes though. Bright colors make me happy :)

Stephanie said...

Oh..the diaper. So teeny. What a strong miraculous little one she must be.

Great JOB sexy lady! Love those shoes!!!!

Penny said...

That diaper is tiny. That is so nice to have a race and be able to see your children cheer you on several time during it. Great race. Love the shoes they are sexy.

racing dawn said...

I have those same kicks!!! Except mine are the blues.... love em. Actually did my long run in them yesterday and they were great!

Nice race!

And I've never seen a diaper that small...hope babyand momma is doing good!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 5k!! Great job :)