Friday, September 9, 2011

Operation Big Balls

So...the camping trip...
We had the best view from our tent. Look out and see the lake, look up at night to millions of stars.

...wasn't ALL about the kiddos...
She loves kayaking SO VERY much! I think I'm going to take her on some rivers here at home with a group.

The lake was very clear. We saw LOTS of creepy things with our goggles on.

...I had lots of fun, too!!

Ron and I even got in a couple of long lake swims...
Nothing like spending the morning on a swim with your bro with your mama kayaking along side you. Loved these swims! work off those homemade berry pie (thanks, Mom!) breakfasts that I enjoyed topped with ice cream.

It was on the drive home that I started having major buttular discomfort. My a$$ to mid calf was just screaming. This injury is obviously not getting better. I was, in fact, going to make an appointment at my favorite Sports Injury Clinic last week, but we had an unexpected change in finances, and so I decided before I get myself into a couple months of deductible and copays maybe I could try harder to work it out on my own. I'm giving myself two weeks of twice daily stretching, 3x week yoga and daily working at my desk on my Big Ball... see if I can get over this hump. I seriously cannot sit in my desk chair for longer than a couple hours anymore, as the pain is too great. A full day of work is just not happening. darn. :p

I DID get in a run yesterday. I made it to 2.5 miles before feeling a twinge in my back. I tried to work it out over the next .5 miles but finally dropped down to a walk at mile 3. I feel good about the 3 miles, though. I held about a 9:30m/m pace and it was probably best for my leg to drop it down to a walk then as well.

So this week has been nice. The kids are in school and it's completely quiet around here for 6 hours every day. Lovely. I even took a nap yesterday. ahhhhh....
But after school, let the games begin...I'm talking soccer games. Girl made the first goal of the season for her team on Wednesday...

Jack is less of a team sport type of guy. Last year he did archery. I'm thinking swim team or golf maybe for this year, but for this quarter, he's chosen Lego Engineering. Not exactly a sport, but I know he'll have fun!

In other news, I've joined a Womens Football Pool. Anyone have any inside information on this week's games?

Atlanta at Chicago 1:00 PM FOX
Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS
Buffalo at Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS
Philadelphia at St. Louis 1:00 PM FOX
Detroit at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM FOX
Tennessee at Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS
Pittsburgh at Baltimore 1:00 PM CBS
Indianapolis at Houston 1:00 PM CBS
NY Giants at Washington 4:15 PM FOX
Seattle at San Francisco 4:15 PM FOX
Minnesota at San Diego 4:15 PM FOX
Carolina at Arizona 4:15 PM FOX
Dallas at NY Jets 8:20 PM NBC

New England at Miami 7:00 PM Tickets
Oakland at Denver 10:15 PM Tickets


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

You lost me at berry pie with ice cream for breakfast...

I don't like camping, but if that's what's for breakfast...

Jill said...

I am clueless about football, but if you happen to make a roadtrip to Denver to check out how your team is doing, give me a call!! ;)

Sorry your hamstring is bothering you (or IT); hope it works itself out but if not definitely go get that looked at. Just needs some specific strengthening somewhere. Like how I'm all so doctor-esque now?? Hahah.

Um...pie and ice cream for breakfast? I'm gonna see if your mom will adopt me!! :)

Have a great weekend!!

Rene' said...

is it your sciatic nerve? take care of it! As far as football I think that the Patriots will when on Monday night:)

Laura said...

Your camping spot looks fantastic! I love you picture of your little soccer star, but it looks like she wears her hair down, that would have driven me crazy at her age lol. I hated having mu hair in my face! I hope your leg and back start feeling better super quick!

Julie said...

Laura - Before every game I ask her if she wants a hair band and she always refuses. It would drive me NUTS!!!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Looks like fun! Hope your injury gets better, I know I can't sit in my office chair for very long or my legs go numb and that's without an injury I also use a balance ball..

Kate said...

I want a campsite right next to yours! I'd even stay in a tent. :) It really sounds like an amazing trip. I hear you on the change of finances. Our incoming didn't change, but the outgoing is about to increase with the purchase of another car. Makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about it. Hopefully you're able to work out the injury on your own...or don't have to wait too long on the dr visits.

We start soccer this weekend. My 7 year old LOVES to play. I'm missing two of his first three games, but hopefully the one I'm at will be a later game. :)

Molly said...

ugh, hope your rear feels better. do you ever use KT tape? I swear by that stuff.

Raina said...

That chair is a GREAT idea.
Good run, Julie. It does sound a little sciatic-like. Does it feel muscular??

Love the camping trip. Was that Cottage Grove lake, or Dorena maybe? How fun! Mai looks like a natural on that kayak!

Enjoy your weekend, Julie!

Nelly said...

Looks like a great camping trip! Glad you got to swim a lot!

Bummer on the butt and back pain, I hope you get it figured out. That is awesome that you are sitting on your stability ball while working!

I do follow the NFL decently well, I am in a survivor football for this year (you pick a different team each week, and if that team wins you keep advancing along). I actually won the whole thing last year, haha

Here is a link to a site I read a lot from, I like their analysis a lot:

and glad you laughed at the non-shoutout, haha I'm already looking forward to Nov 12 - Oregon vs Stanford!

Julie said...

Thanks for that football site, Nelly! I had already turned in this weeks picks...based purely on my feminine instincts :p
Next week, I'll compare my picks to theirs and see how close they are.

Mike said...

Your camping spot looks fantastic! Good idea sitting on the Swiss ball. Definitely good for core strength too.

Regarding football, I've had good luck with the usa today football odds site. The tough part is guessing the upsets.

XLMIC said...

Awesome camping site and pics! I want to go!

I miss my big ball... it is soggy and sitting in the garage right now. Hmmmm... maybe I should try pumping it up?

Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Wil Travel said...

I'd go with Philly over St. Louis and New England over Miami :)

ajh said...

Feel better! Have you tried rolling around on a tennis ball?

And.......have you read State of Wonder?