Friday, March 30, 2012

Tour de Flanders Portland Style

Seems kind of early in the season for this kind of ride, but I found this video in my inbox this morning from Coach Michele.

It looks like our group ride this week will not only be incredibly cold and wet, but give my legs a nice workout as well. 7200 feet of climbing in 42 miles. Oh my.

I hope this is a prank.
I'll be back tomorrow to report in. Or not.


misszippy said...

That race is notoriously miserable--hope your ride is NOT! Good luck with it.

XLMIC said...


Well...have fun :)

Epic Fail said...

OK, I love running up hills like that. I don't know why. I guess when it comes to running I'm a hyper-competitive masochist. But when it comes to riding I hate them. I like them for a very short time and then I quickly hate them. I think I begin to hate them about at the point where I begin to throw up. Yes, that sounds right. That is when I fully and truly hate them. And yet, running them I think is fun.

Raina said...

Oh boy. I hope you survived! It has been SO wet. Hope you didn't get washed out.