Monday, September 6, 2010

I Am Not My Body

I can find no better words to express today's topic of "Do We Idolize Our Bodies?" for 30 DSLR than those of Stephanie Nielsen. If you haven't already visited her site or know her story, please check out her blog NieNie Dialogues after viewing her story as told for her church.
I hope you'll watch the video through to the end. It's beautiful.

For my own 30 Day OOTB Challenge, I had planned to go for a leisurely bike ride along the Springwater Corridor on a nice fat cruiser. Unfortunately, although I've scoured Craigslist for weeks now, I have not been able to find one in my budget of $5-10. Today I decided to just break out Steve's mountain bike and enjoy this last day before the rain comes in. I was not able to sneak out the door without a little someone...

catching on and so it ended up being a harrowing ride through the neighborhood with me trying to introduce Mai to road biking and all the concerns it entails. I pitted out, but from sheer terror, not exercise...but we're counting it as a workout!


Helen said...

Isn't that an amazing video? I just had Dan sit down with me and watch it...he was not familiar with Stephanie, although I've been following along for probably 6+ months. She is an amazing young lady, and I love that she makes me stop in my tracks and think.

So, what the heck is a big fat cruiser??? Banana seat? Do you put hockey cards in your spokes to make cool sounds??? LOL

A Prelude To... said...

You know, like a beach bike. The OPPOSITE of a road bike. You get to sit up tall and the tires are nice and fat and there are no gears to deal with. I'm going to keep looking, because I REALLY want one!