Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Life Is Good

My life is so many ways, but today I just had to thank God for the blessing of our business. It seems like I'm always thinking rotton thoughts about it or stressing about it but I need to focus on the positives it offers to my life ~ the very most important one being that our children have their mom and dad with them all day long - both of us to be there when they need us for a hug or to show off something they've just be present and vice versa - they are here for us! But today my thoughts were running more towards how very awesome it is that when I want to meet up with someone to workout at a time I normally would be working, I can set the alarm early and get up and pop out a couple hours of work and then go meet said friend...which is what I did today. Tracy and I had our first workout together in a looooooooong time. It was funny how many of the morning workout people came up to us and said "the dynamic duo is back" or something to that effect. We did legs and then went for a 4 mile run out in the beautiful morning sun. It was my first workout since Saturday and although I'm feeling better, I'm still not 100%. I'm well on my way now, though.

I'm reading a book that is really really touching my heart. It's called "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George. A lot of it is somewhat of a touchy subject with me because my natural inclination on some of the topics (being a wife after God's own heart) are the exact opposite of what she's asking me to consider. BUT, I know that they are something I should strive for and in fact, I can even see that they WOULD change my marriage to be more like I want...but my stubborness over what is "fair" clouds what can be achieved in the future.

Other chapters on being a mother after God's own heart are not so difficult to embrace, but rather hard just because her ideas aren't things that come naturally to me - I have to really be bopped on the head sometimes for creativity to sink in. One thing I've really been wanting to do for a long time is have family dinner time together at the dining room table. We don't. We're either just getting back from the gym and slugging protien powder or Steve and I want different things, plus Jack is a picky eater. Lots of excuses. So after finding out from Steve the other night that he really would appreciate us doing this, I decided to go for it last night. To make it more fun, I had the kids make placemats for us and then we went out in the backyard and gathered greenery for a centerpiece and made a fun meal - the kids could pick and choose what they wanted from an assortment of bowls on the table. Well, Mai loved it. Steve, too. Jack wasn't pleased with what was served, but reluctantly stayed at the table while the rest of us enjoyed. At one point he said "Mama, I really liked when we did dinner the old-fashioned way". HA HA! That means at the counter bar stools with the counter still dirty from lunch and him having either pizza or a peanut butter sandwich. Guess we'll just have to keep this up so it's better than the "old-fashioned" way.
Well, it's a start...

Verse of the Day ~
The wise woman builds her house.
--Proverbs 14:1

Getting where I want to be:
In His peaceful presence,

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