Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Yuck

I'm just cracking up over this picture of Jack. What a sweet baby. Look at those cheeks and fat feet! What a happy baby he was.

I have been soooooo sick! Felt fairly crappy all day Monday but by 5pm I was feeling pukey, too. Steve convinced me to go to golf anyway. I'm glad I went. Tracy was working the Ladies Golf and we took about 2 hours catching up. Not much golfing was done, but a little bit of improving on my swing. Tracy and I figured out our schedules so we can workout together on Tues and Thus mornings until school lets out. Then we'll try to figure out a better schedule. She just got back from a cruise vacation for their other business and there was a lady there that was big into BFL and had a ROCKN' body. She was a hit in the cruise gym. Wonder if it was a previous BFL winner?
Anyways, by the time I got home from golf, I was feeling like death, so I crawled in bed and by 10pm I was barfing up my guts like I've never barfed 'em up before. I was so sick all night and couldn't eat much at all yesterday - few popsicles and some jello. Still feeling fairly shaky today but better. I figure I got food poisoning at the Mom's Day picnic - that's what get for sharing finger food with 8 little kids who don't wash their hands.
We decided to throw my MIL a surprise birthday party at our house on Sunday and then all of us girls take her wine tasting over the Memorial weekend when all the wineries are throwing parties, so the next couple weekends are looking to be fun!
No workout in two days - going to try to hit the gym today if body cooperates.

Thought of the Day ~
You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you.
--Ruth Smeltzer

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Melissa H said...

Ohh, food poisoning. I will never forget my bout with it. But, there was no doubt what it was with me. Within an hour after eating, I was believing that I was going to die from dehydration and losing my intestines along with any trace of food in my system.
Hope you feel better soon.