Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Already?

Check out the kids. Mai can be found in her goggles most days...just waiting for our Sunriver vacation to get here - only another week!! I can't wait!
I can't believe the week is almost gone. It's been a bit emotional for me - some disappoinments and just being busy. First, Steve had promised me we would be going to Vegas to see Trace compete the last weekend in July. Then a couple weeks ago he said this was too much money, too many vacations so close together and that I could still go, but I have to figure out how to pay for it on my own. Huh? What...does he want me to go out and get a second job or something? Is he going to watch the kids by himself while I'm out slinging drinks? I think not. So I decided to do what I could and had a garage sale - Hey, I woke up Saturday and realized the neighbors had signs up and the street was swarming with garage salers, so I pulled all my junk out of the garage and made about $100. I put a couple things that didn't sell on Craigslist and actually got a call on an old HP 12C calculator and some guy came by the house yesterday and gave me another $45 - so, I didn't do too bad. Not enough to pay for Vegas, though. My 14 y/o cat has had some pretty weepy looking eyes for a couple days so I take him to the vet yesterday and end up $230 less rich to find out he has herpes in his eyes. PLUS...she said the matting on his stomach is soooo bad that he's going to start getting abscesses. My cat is SO MEAN that it is really hard for me to keep him cleaned up and not get attacked. He's fluffy and loves to roll in the dirt and I'm sure he has a whole ecosystem within his fur. So back to the vet tomorrow for a shaving and since he's such a nasty bastard they have to put him out for it. $219-$249 they predict. He better live to be 20 after Vegas.

I'm feeling poor and overwhelmed with how much it's going to cost to compete. Maybe I should get a second job somehow - or become better at grocery shopping the sales - or something...there has GOT to be a way.

On the other hand, life is good in that I am very excited to be working with Cam and Trace. They are going to prep me, work me hard in the off season between Oct and March and then prep me for the second show next June. If I can't get to where I want to be with the expertise of 2 NPC judges/competitors in my corner, then I should just give up now. I need them on my side. Steve told me that he is tired of all this. He's tired of me talking about it and being interested in the sport and never getting on stage. He doesn't want to hear ANYTHING from me on this front. I feel very alone. I understand that I've proved to more than a few people that I am having some trouble getting up on stage, but he is supposed to be the one person I can talk to about anything, who cares, who I can turn to when I need support, who will get excited with me and I feel like he has completely shut me off from that.

Here is some footage of Tracy - 30 days out from Vegas...STUD!

and curling some 30 pounders

Cable Rope Rows


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the video links, they were awesome!

I'm sorry you are feeling so frustrated with your lack of support. I don't know how much I would be able to do but I hope you know that I am here any time you need a shoulder.


Julie True said...

Thanks Cheryl :o)