Monday, July 16, 2007


Spongebob was a hit! It took two go-throughs with all the cousins (including 3 pre-teens with good arms) before we finally broke down and pulled the string to get to the candy. That Spongebob Toughie-Pants can sure take a beating. Jack decorated their birthday cake himself and was very proud of it. Cooking birthday cake/dinner/etc for 20 people in 100+ degree weather was a bit much for me, but I survived...barely. The whole trip was terrific. The house was nice and newly decorated, however, slate floors on a frigid morning are cooooooold. The weather was PERFECTO!! We saw lots and lots of dear - mamas, daddies and cute babies. One of these pics you can see Mai trying to walk up to a mama deer. Went on a hike at Benham Falls and saw a Blue Heron? and baby Ospries - more pics later.

My dad got a little exercise packing Cousin Nathan on his back. Li'l Nathan was sick the whole time - talked to mom the day after they left and said the doctor diagnosed him with hand, foot and mouth disease and it's very contagious. Guess day, both my kids had it. Hoping the others didn't get it, but I'm pretty sure they did/will. Didn't slow Jack and Mai down much, though. Bike riders, they are! It was really good for Jack to be able to practice. We live on a hill so he doesn't get to ride as much as he would like - so he was in heaven at our Sunriver circle.

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Melissa H said...

Oh, the vacation looks so wonderful. Forgive me for saying it, but the pictures make it look absolutely utopic. I know that your family isn't without stressors, but let me dream for a second. :-)