Friday, August 24, 2007

Are you ready boots? Start Walkin'....

Tomorrow is my Father-in-Law's 70th birthday bash. It's western themed so Mai finally got to get her pink cowboy boots today. The designs on the side light up when she walks. She's one happy cowgirl! I had an idea to make candle holders out of beer bottles. I tried to age a picture of my FIL and then I burned them around the edges and glazed them to the bottle. I think I've decided to make them vases, though. My wild flowers are ready to be shared and I don't think we'll actually be needing candles during the party.
Then it's up and at 'em on Sunday morning to leave for a camping trip down South with my Dad's family. Talked Ron and Jenny into coming for a day since they didn't want to deal with a 2 y/o and a 6 wk old in a tent overnight. So....mucho more time for me and baby Evan for two weekends in a row!


Anonymous said...

1.. That child is a hoot.
2. Your bottle/pic/flower is AWESOME.
3. You did not disappoint me, are you KIDDING ME? You rule for even daring to go there!!! :)

KTScroggin said...

She is so precious. Seriously, if a cuter kid exists I havent seen her. LOVE your totally creative idea for the beer bottle flower vases. Where do you have time to think of cute stuff like that, much less do it. I think I'll have to put a phone like yours on my christmas list since currently I'm swamped and can barely keep up with day to day stuff. Sheesh.
PS. I'm a dork... does this mean you're NOT doing the 7 feathers?

Julie True said...

Anna and Kris - thanks for the comments about Mai. She is seriously such a huge blessing to me. Both kids are!!!, but we'll just be walking along anywhere we go and that darn Mai puts smiles on strangers faces. She's one fun kid!

Kris - I am the opposite of crafty, but I'm learning to just "try" when the mood strikes. The beer bottle vases were a hit at the party.

And, yes, that does mean I am NOT doing the 7 feathers. I actually had a moment last week when I decided to not break my streak with the Portland Marathon, but there is absolutely not enough time for me to train and do it without hurting myself, so for now I'm just having fun with no particular goal in mind.