Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Party and Camping: Successful!!

What a great weekend we had! The party was a huge success. Turning 70 has the benefit of bringing out all the friends - I can only hope for that many friends at that age! Not as many people dressed Western as I would have hoped, but for the most part everyone at least had on a cowboy hat or a kerchief. We even had bales of hay and a couple of goats to set the scene. The goats were a HIT with Mai. You can see in this last picture that they finally wore her out. Instead of trying to keep them from eating Grandma's roses, she just plopped down on Sam's (dog) gravestone and gave ol' Freddy dirty looks. I was in first place in the sunflower spitting contest until the Big Dog himself stepped up to the plate. My FIL killed us all in the final round. We had a blind wine tasting contest. I had to spit out the most expensive one it was soooo nasty. I guess I'm a cheap date. I chose the $3.99 bottle as the best.

The camping trip was wonderful. Some people who had been there since Thursday or Friday had already left by the time we arrived on Sunday, but we still had a good group around the fire. We spent lots of time fishing, throwing rocks in the river, took a hike up to Brice Falls...I was so disappointed that my MANY pictures I took on the hike did not accurately show how beautiful it was up there. It was magnificent. Dad brought his new river raft and gave us a taste of all the fun we'll have next Summer with it.

Today is the start of a new season for us. Tracy's kids start school today so we have our first official Afterburn workout today and will be following Alwyn Cosgrove's masterminded killer workouts for the next 16 weeks. Tomorrow brings us the beginning of school open houses and such. I think I'm going to be at their schools more than them these next two weeks.

Off to slam a Met Rx and get the kids up and ready to hit the gym...they are soooo not going to be happy with the early rising that starts today :-(


Melissa H said...

I want to know the names of the most expensive and the $3.99 wines!

(love the pictures, btw! My favorite is the one of the two kids in the woods)

Oh, and I finally did Chap 8 & 9 on our study. Sorry I'm such a slacker.

Julie True said...

I'll def find out the name of the $3.99 one for you from my MIL. I need to get it anyways to save some $$ on my boozing :o)

The woods/hike was definatly a highlight of the trip although every moment was wonderful. My fave pics are of the kids fishing with my parents. It was a PRECIOUS time!!